Remember those cool Dunkin Donuts glass jars that came filled with donut holes? (1980s)

Vintage Dunkin' Donuts glass jars

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Did your mom or grandma have one of these seven iconic Dunkin Donuts glass jars on display? In the eighties — long before old Dunkin’ Donuts became simply Dunkin’ — the company enticed customers with their line of sturdy glass containers that came pre-filled with tasty treats.

Offered at a special price and sold through their stores, these sweet glassware gifts filled with Munchkins donut holes were meant to live out the rest of their days on a kitchen counter, just waiting to be refilled with donut holes and sugar cookies.

Lasting a lot longer than a cardboard donut box, these vintage Dunkin Donuts glass jars were all part of a bigger plan to make Dunkin’ Donuts a household name.

Back in 1982, the company’s CEO told an industry trade magazine that he planned to make them the “only nationally advertised retail bakery chain.”

Although (probably) not just because of these glass jars, the business has gone on to great success. As of 2021, Dunkin was one of the top 10 largest fast food restaurant chains in the world.

One of the vintage Dunkin Donuts glass jars (1981)
Vintage Dunkin Donuts glass decorator jar gift (1981)

The Dunkin Donuts glass jars included this vintage crystal apple doughnut jar (1983)

This Christmas, give a gift that’s as beautiful empty as it is full.

It’s our beautiful crystal glass apple with 30 delicious Munchkins donut hole treats. Not only will it be fun to empty, but once it is, your family and friends can find hundreds of ways to refill it.

Our glass apple is one gift you won’t have to worry about being the wrong since or color. Available only at participating Dunkin’ Donuts shops while supply lasts.

Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s worth the trip.

Dunkin Donuts crystal apple jar

Dunkin Donuts glass jars came filled with donut holes (1984)

Vintage Dunkin Donuts vintage glass jar with donut holes (1984)

Dunkin Donuts glass jars included this retro Anchor Hocking cookie jar  (1984)

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Retro Anchor Hocking glass cookie jar from Dunkin Donuts (1984)

Vintage Dunkin Donuts glass jars: Coventry canister (1985)

To find the perfect Christmas gift, look into this crystal jar.

Once the Munchkins disappear, you just can’t predict what someone will keep inside this attractive glass canister.

But you can be sure the Coventry canister will be a present that people will use day after day.

Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins - Christmas crystal jar ad (1985)

One of the classic Dunkin Donuts glass jars was this pumpkin glass jar (1986)

This Fall, get a pumpkin you’ll still have next fall.

Reap the harvest of the season at Dunkin’ Donuts. Get this attractive glass pumpkin jar from Anchor Hocking with a dozen of our delicious sugar cookies.

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The jar comes in its own decorative box, and makes a useful gift to be enjoyed for many seasons to come.

Dunkin’ Donuts continues the celebration of fall with our special chocolate-dipped Halloween cookies-on-a-stick.

And to make these cookies even more special, we’re including a reflective trick-or-treat bag, free with the purchase of any Halloween cookie.

Dunkin' Donuts cookies - Halloween glass pumpkin jar (1986)

A touch of glass for Mother’s Day: Dunkin Donuts vintage glass milk jar (1988)
Dunkin Donuts vintage glass milk jar and Munchkins donut holes (1988)

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