50 vintage Libbey glasses from the ’70s

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If you lived in the USA during the '70s, you almost definitely had a drink in one of these Libbey glasses

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If you lived during the ’70s, you probably had a drink from one of these 50 vintage Libbey glasses. See how many you recognize!

Capture a special moment with vintage Libbey glassware from 1970

Vintage Libbey glassware from 1970

Vintage Libbey glasses: Deep Sea pattern

Party shrimp bowl costs about $7… Same for 8 Libbey Deep Sea glasses. (…and the glasses will be around long after your party’s over.)

Swing into your party season with bright, new Libbey glasses. There are hundreds of fresh, smart designs as fun-loving or as elegant as you choose to be. Unusual color combinations, exciting new shapes, a variety of sizes… to please!

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Libbey Deep Sea glasses

Libbey’s look is everything but the same old thing (1974)

A mushroom-capped canister over a half-foot high plants a thought for a wildly wonderful terrarium.

A ginger jar blown to giant proportions becomes a glittering showpiece. With color and pattern and style and scale, Libbey turns glass into sculptures and pictures. Libbey makes fashion flower in glass.

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Libbey's look is everything but the same old thing (1974)

You can buy 8 Libbey Orange Lotus glasses

… for under $6… around the price of a turkey. (And the glasses last.)

New, exotic Orange Lotus (shown) has a captivating, raised design on Libbey’s new Tawney Apollo glass.

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Libbey Orange Lotus glasses

Libbey Glass. So much more than you imagine, for so much less than you think.

Crystal candle – Giant crystal milk can – Crystal pear

Gold Ashburton stemware – Glasses: Strawberries, homemade jelly, yellow bells, flora

Libbey Glass - Tumblers and drinking glasses - 1976

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Wine for your party costs about $9…

Which is about what you pay for 8 Libbey Prado wine glasses.  (…and the glasses will be around a whole lot longer.)

Put new Libbey glasses in your holiday scene… with cocktails, at your table, or when friends drop in.

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Libbey Prado wine glasses.

Libbey Glass from 1975

Libbey’s Artica… 12 for less than $4

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1971 Libbey Glasses for Easter

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A lively expression for two (1970)

You keep life alive. You really get into it. By taking every opportunity to express yourself.

Here’s one — Libbey Prado wine glasses. Less than 2 dollars for a set of 4. That’s almost free expression.

Vintage Libbey Prado wine glasses

Makes the best of the good things (1977)

Libbey makes more good-morning glassware than anyone else. It’s the beautiful eye-opener.

Mix or match. Pick up your decorating scheme in glassware.

Libbey Glasses from the '70s - 1977

’70s glassware from Libbey

Candy-store jars, Ashburton pattern glasses, beer glasses, Mickey Mouse & Friends glassware, decanters, wine glasses

Vintage Libbey glasses from 1977

Look back at 33 vintage Libbey drinking glass designs from the sixties

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