Old-fashioned Hi-C drink flavors, like grape, cherry, orangeade & others

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Old-fashioned Hi-C drink flavors

Hi-C — the wholesome family drink

em>Its refreshing fresh orange tang makes you glad you’re thirsty!

Drink all you want — It’s enriched with Vitamin C

These summer days… keep plenty of delicious Hi-C in your refrigerator. Children love its fresh orange tang. Grownups love it, too.

So delicious… so wholesome. Hi-C is made from juicy, tree-ripened oranges. It’s enriched with Vitamin C and dextrose. One 8-oz glass gives you 30 milligrams of Vitamin C – daily minimum requirement for an adult.

Just chill and pour… Hi-C is a ready-to-serve drink. Always ready for summer’s many “thirsty” moments. Best of all, you can let the whole family (even the youngest of them) drink all they want. Hi-C is not carbonated.

Your grocer has Hi-C – the original canned orangeade, in both the big 46- and the handy 12-oz sizes. Better buy Hi-C by the case – or you’ll wish you had.

Non-carbonated… ready to serve… economical! (96 big glasses per case!)

Hi-C Orange-ade drink from 1950

Hi-C drinks in 7 flavors, including new Cherry (1966)

We’re giving away $55,000 in cash prizes. Why? To celebrate our still-growing Hi-C fruit drink family.

The first member was Hi-C Orange. That became first among all fruit drinks so fast, we just kept on going — and growing.

Now we’ve done it again. Our latest addition is a luscious new arrival — Hi-C Cherry.

Flavors: Grape drink, orange-pineapple drink, pineapple-grapefruit drink, orange drink, Florida punch, apple drink, cherry drink

Vintage Hi-C drink from 1966

Hi-C Orange drink (1978)

You know how good it is for breakfast.

If your family likes full, rich orange flavor, they’ll love the taste of Hi-C, Orange Drink. Because Hi-C Orange Drink gets its real orange flavor from real oranges.

And every 6-ounce glassful has 10% real orange juice and a full day’s supply of Vitamin C (100% US. RDA). Hi-C Orange Drink. You know how good it is. Pick several cans the next time you shop!

Hi-C orange drink from 1978

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Free Magic Tricks from Bill Cosby!

“First, buy lots of cans of Hi-C, fruit drinks with my picture on the label. Next, remove the label from a can and you’ll fine one easy-to-learn magic trick, like these, on the back.”

“There are 15 different magic tricks, so collect them all. Practice the tricks, then invite your friends over for a magic party. And be sure to serve lots of magically-delicious Hi-C. (Just watch how fast it disappears!) Hi-C has 10% real fruit juice and a day’s worth of Vitamin C in every six ounce glass (100% RDA).”

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“Hi-C and party magic. Terrific!

Vintage 1960s 1970s Hi-C Bill Cosby drink

New Peachy Hi-C Peach (1977)

You’ve never tasted anything like it, because there’s nothing else like it! And since it’s from the makers of Hi-C, you know how good it is! The freshest, peachiest new Hi-C flavor ever… with the rich, luscious flavor of the peaches you’ll love.

And, of course, a whole day’s supply of Vitamin C in every 6-ounce glass. Take a sip and you’ll say it’s just peachy! We’re so sure you’ll love new Peach we’ll even help pay for your first sip.

Hi-C peach drink from 1977

The sensible drink: Retro beverages

Does Hi-C come in 9 great flavors? Yep.

Is it made from real fruit? Yep.

Does it have Vitamin C? Yep.

Will you give me a sip? Nope.

Retro Hi-C in 9 great flavors - The sensible drink

Now. Hi-C drink in Mom-Top cans.

Mom-Top cans? We call them Mom-Top cans because kids can open them without bothering Mom. Moms love the convenience of 12-ounce cans. They’re portable (5 inches high). This new lightweight makes a great lunchboxer.

Just the right size for picnics or a party of one. Four favorite natural fruit flavors: Orange, Grape, Florida Punch, and Orange Pineapple.

Vintage 1960s Hi-C ad - Orange drink

Vintage Hi-C Grape drink

What makes Hi-C the sensible drink? The fresh fruit it’s made from? The fact that it’s naturally sweetened? Or is it all that Vitamin C?

It’s all this. And more. Hi-C is loved by the whole family. No wonder Hi-C is the sensible drink… it makes sense for everyone.

Vintage Hi-C grape drink

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