New Trix cereal: Jolly colors dance into your bowl! (1956)

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Happy breakfast to you!

Who wouldn’t like breakfast when there’s a cereal like this? Just see those jolly colors dancing into your cereal bowl! Just taste those gay little sugared corn puffs — crisp and tender, with a refreshingly sweet fruit flavor.

Every spoonful of Trix and milk is chock-full of real honest-to-goodness body-building nourishment! Happy breakfast is right — and a happy day ahead with Trix to start you off full of energy and good spirits!



New fruit-flavor cereal

Trix… world’s first breakfast cereal with wholesome fruit flavor sweetness… and bright fruit colors

“We’ve had fun getting Trix ready for you. It’s such a jolly cereal! Brightens up your breakfast, puts a smile on your face and a sparkle in your eye… because it really is just as wholesome as it si delicious. You must try it.” – Betty Crocker


A product of General Mills

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