Vintage McDonald’s Shamrock Shake TV ads

For the many fans of minty Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s, we found four different vintage television commercials for the cold green stuff, from the seventies and eighties. (Irish accents are included.)

Shamrock Shakes (1979)

“’tis the first green of spring – MINT flavor”

Vintage McDonald's Shamrock Shake 1977 ad

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake TV ad (1983)


McDonald’s Shamrock shake & sundaes (1980)

“It’s the first green of spring! Celebrate with minty Shamrock Shakes and new minty Shamrock Sundaes — right now at McDonald’s!”


Welcome back, spring TV commercial (1970s)

“Welcome back, hello spring — come on, let’s celebrate… with McDonald’s thick, rich, oh-so-creamy great green Shamrock Shake. The taste of spring is coming through with the Shamrock Shake — so green, so cool…”


Shamrock Shake with Uncle O’Grimacey (c1977)

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