1970s Winnebago motor homes were like condos on wheels

Vintage WInnebago motor home-camper

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These old ads make it clear that these vintage 1970s Winnebago motor homes — both big and small — were more than just a mode of transport. They could be your home away from home – or your home instead of a house.

Here’s a look at what the company was offering in terms of models, features and pricing back in the seventies!

Winnebago: The fifty-two week funhouse on wheels (1970)

Exciting Winnebago “motor homes” are not to be confused with those other vehicles called “mobile homes.” Not that there’s anything wrong with a mobile home. It’s just that we don’t make them.

We make a self-propelled, self-contained, fifty-two-week funhouse on wheels. In fact, we make ten different models of them. And we make them so you can go places, do things, meet people, and have a downright good time while you’re at it…

It’s your lounge, your kitchen, your dining room. Your shower and bedroom. Plus your transportation. And that eliminates the hassle of motel reservations and restaurants and schedules and layovers and packing and unpacking and packing again.

You see, a Winnebago motor home offers new vistas, an enjoyable change in the way you do things with your family and friends. You’ll meet new people. People who enjoy life, people already part of the “fun set,” whatever your brand of fun.

Winnebago The fifty-two week funhouse on wheels (1970)

So, when you get a Winnebago, you’re getting more than a two-week vacation in Acapulco. A whole lot more. You’re getting all the things you ever imagined being a part of, fifty-two weeks a year, for years to come. 

That’s a happy investment, and a wise one. Because you can get a Winnebago motor home for about the same price as one of America’s finer-made automobiles.

They come in 10 different models, 5 different lengths, 7 different floor plans and from standard to luxurious. So, sure as a bear has hair, you’ll find the one Winnebago motor home that’s your cup of tea.

For instance, the industry’s most popular selling motor home is Winnebago’s model D-22. Twenty-two feet of fun on wheels, with pecan-colored, vinyl-clad plywood cabinetry. High-fashion colors of gold, avocado and blue, coordinated among quilted upholstery, window curtains, kitchen appliances, and wall-to-wall carpeting. A dinette with 5″ thick foam cushions covered with vinyl on one side and fabric the other.

It makes into one of three beds sleeping six (optional eight). And in the kitchen, the four-burner deluxe range with automatic oven sits between the built-in refrigerator-freezer, and the stainless steel double sink…

11 great ways to go the Winnebago route (1971)

From the sporty D-18 Minnie Winnie to the massive elegance of the D-28 Chieftain II, there’s a Winnebago motor home for you.

In the economical Brave series, you can select one of three unique floor plans. But in any model, you don’t sacrifice any of the self-contained comforts a real motor home provides.

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There are two Indian models loaded with the traditional comfort and convenience features that has made Winnebago the nation’s largest motor home manufacturer.

For year-around distinctive live-ability, there are no motor homes to rival the Winnebago Chieftain series. Select your motor home from 6 floor plans, including the all-new limited edition D-28 Chieftain II.

Every Winnebago motor home has been designed. engineered, and built for your total safety, convenience, and dollar value.

Select a Winnebago and rest assured that you’ve purchased the finest, most economically-priced motor home available today. Go the Winnebago route.

11 great ways to go the Winnebago route (1971)

Vintage Winnebago motor homes: Wherever you park it, it’s something else (1971)

A Winnebago motor home is a kitchen for fishing trips. A bathhouse for the beach. A ski lodge for Aspen. A lounge for football parties. A dozen motels when you’re on the road.

It carries everything. Double beds and bunks. Kitchen. Double sink. Oven-range. Refrigerator-freezer. Bathroom. Shower. Stool. Lavatory. Dinette. Lounge.

Every convenience you could want, built-in and ready to use, whether you’re relaxing in a secluded forest or tooling down Highway 101.

You can live in a Winnebago motor home. And have fun. No matter where you go. No matter what you do. 

Maybe that’s why people buy Winnebagos more than any other motor home in America.

Camping fun in a vintage 70s Winnebago motor home RV

The 1972 Winnebago Chieftain II: Park her anywhere.

Take her to the beach. The mountains. A secluded forest. She’s always ready, no matter what you want to do or where you want to go.

This now Chieftain II is the biggest and most expensive motor home Winnebago has ever made.

A front lounge with swivel chair, couch and bookcase. A dressing room with vanity, toilet, tub and shower.

Deep lush carpeting. Rich, textured upholstery. A big, wide-open galley. A private rear bedroom with a feather-soft Seally innerspring mattress. A service bar.

She’s 28 feet of luxury. Enough elegance for a private hotel, motel, or bachelor pad on wheels.

The 1972 Winnebago Chieftain II. Drive her anywhere. Park her anyhwere. She’s ready for anything.

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Winnebago 1970s - Park her anywhere

Go the Winnebago route (1972)

$6,795: Feature for feature and dollar for dollar, it’s your best buy in a low-cost motor home.

Maybe you’ll find a motor home with a lower sticker price than Winnebago’s new D-18 Brave. But if you do, compare the standard equipment. Then start adding up all the extra money you’d have to spend to bring the other unit up to Winnebago quality.

The new D-18 is compact and easy to drive — at 18’3″, it’s no longer than a family station wagon. It has a big 318 cu. in. Dodge V-8 engine with power brakes, power steering, automatic transmission and dual rear wheels.

It’s built with exclusive Thermo-Panel construction. Yet it’s priced at just $6,795.* And it includes dozens of standard equipment features that are either not available or optional at extra cost on most other low-cost motor homes.

Features like water heater and shower, pressurized water system, forced-air furnace, 3-burner stove with oven, 4 cu. ft. gas/electric refrigerator, dual 70 amp. batteries, twin 20-lb. gas bottles and 15 amp. converter. See the D-18 Brave and 9 other 1972 Winnebago motor home models at your dealer’s now.

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Vintage Winnebago motor homes from 1971

Introducing the 1973 Minnie Winnie

The first mini motor home good enough to wear the Flying W.

Been waiting for a motor home that’s big enough to live in, yet easy enough to take to the supermarket? This is the one. Another great value-packed model. 

The Minnie Winnie’s driver’s compartment gives you two-door automotive comfort. It’s lower to the ground. Yet it’s designed to blend into the rest of the unit and give you the kind of motor home comfort you’d expect from Winnebago, the world’s largest producer of motor homes…

There are two “Minnie Winnie” floor plans. One featuring a rear gaucho, and one with a rear bath. Both are built on a dependable Dodge chassis with dual rear wheels, power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission and 360 cu. in. V.8 engine…

II you ever need service. just see a Winnebago dealer. There are more than 300 of them from coast to coast. They can all provide factory. authorized warranty work. Send the coupon. Even if you’re not ready to buy, you can rent-a-way from it all for a weekend. You’ll have fun and at the same time discover how Winnebago gives you more.

1973 Minnie Winnie motor home - Winnebago

Winnebago’s Minnie Winnies (1979)

When you look at a mini motor home, better look beyond the price

A lot of mini-sized motor homes today can offer you a low price. But before you buy, you’d better look closely to see what you get for your money. And compare it with the solid values of Winnebago’s new Minnie Winnies.

With a Minnie Winnie, you get safety-tested construction, comfort and roadability engineered by the most experienced motor home builders in the world.

You’ll sleep better in a Winnebago.

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Winnebago's new Minnie Winnies (1979)

Winnebago. It’s a condominium that goes places. (1979)

Before you invest in a condominium, look at Winnebago.

When you buy a Winnebago, you’re not tied down to the lake, the mountains or the seashore. You can enjoy them all.

And you don’t have to tie up all your money. Winnebago motor homes start as low as $14,511.

You buy solid comfort, homelike convenience, and safe, sturdy construction, engineered by the people who’ve built far more motor homes than anyone else. Plus a wide choice of floor plans, interior furnishings and colors…

Winnebago - a condominium that goes placed (1979)

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