The original REO Speedwagon vehicles & other classic REO cars and trucks

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The original REO Speedwagon - other classic REO cars and trucks
Before there was REO Speedwagon, the band, there was the REO Speedwagon, the vehicle. These early pickup trucks were especially popular with farmers… which, for all we know, might also play a part in the musical success of the band of the same name. (Bonus: While you browse these vintage car ads, the appropriate musical accompaniment can be found here.)

REO Speedwagon, 1920s-style

July 23, 1920: From The Alliance Herald (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.)

Haul your grain to market!

July 05, 1921: From The Alliance Herald (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.)

REO Speedwagon

See the famous Reo Speedwagon in the truck show…

January 21, 1920: From the Evening public Ledger (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

See the famous REO Speedwagon in the truck show...

30 years of quality building…

… laid the foundation for these great new Reo Trucks.

Low priced, brilliantly streamlined, superbly built.

Vintage REO trucks from the 1930s (5)

Now Reo Aerodynamic lines

Aerodynamic steamlining, recently introduced and made world-famous by the great Reo-Royale, is now brought to a still wider market by this splendid new Flying Cloud Eight.

Classic cars - REO

He must have replaced every truck in his fleet with a Reo!

Your Reo dealer can prove you’ll put up to $2160.00 MORE per year in our own pocket for every truck you replace with Reo.

Old cars REO truck

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Reo — good for 100,000 miles

Featuring the Reo model 15 (Blue — Standard Coupe), Reo Flying Cloud model 20 (Red — Sport Sedan), and the Reo Flying Cloud model 25 (Teal — Sport Sedan).

paul malon autos 0878

New Reo Trucks

30 years of quality building laid the foundation for these great new Reo Trucks!

Anyone who knows trucks can see instantly that these great new Reos bring to the market something entirely without precedent in values!

REO Speedwagon 1934

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To fit your hauling needs…

Standardize on Reo.

Whether you operate one truck or a hundred, it pays to standardize on Reo.

Engines in six different sizes! Transmissions — frames — axles — wheelbases to give you a truck or tractor with capacity ratings up to 57,000 pounds G.V.W. Special equipment to fit your exact hauling needs!

Vintage REO trucks from the 1930s (1)

“GOOD!” and that goes for Reo, too.

Ice cream is the popular American dessert because it’s good!

Reo equipment is popular in the ice cream industry, and all others confronted with sustained, top-heavy seasonal demands, because it’s good! Good engineering, good materials and construction are the backbone of Reo stamina, dependability, economy and long life.

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Vintage REO trucks from the 1930s (2)

Reo quality always pays off

Reois making a name for itself with highway carriers whose income depends entirely on truck operations and truck economies.

Transportation is their business. Here Reo quality really pays off. Modern truck engineering, heavy-duty dimensions, quality materials and manufacture cut repairs to a minimum — provide the dependability essential to timetable schedules and the long life that helps protect the investment.

Vintage REO trucks from the 1930s (3)

For timetable deliveries… standardize on Reo

Reo, the truck that grew up with gasoline, helps the petroleum industry and many others to maintain timetable deliveries on local and long-distance routes.

Reo is built for capacity loads… the massive frames are cold-riveted for extra strength — axles, wheels and springs are the heavy-duty type — there is sound truck engineering in every chassis part. Reo is designed for dependable performance… the precision-built engines provide ample power to deliver heavy loads on time and at low cost.

Vintage REO trucks from the 1930s (4)

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