These classic Studebaker delivery trucks from the ’30s got around

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These classic Studebaker delivery trucks from the 30s got around

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Adding still more to cab-forward style (1937)


The most complete truck line — the most impressive values — in Studebaker history! Brilliantly engineered, smartly streamlined, these new Studebakers cover the entire normal range of truck service!

Four new Cab-Forward units — and in addition, four Standard Series models with the sensational Coupe-Express, now make up the Studebaker line. Already a favored truck in more than half the nation’s foremost fleets, Studebaker now offers redoubled reason for preference. Cab-

Forward economy of time and money — low first cost — low maintenance and operating cost — distinction that is an advertising asset to any business—make Studebaker the buy of the industry. Smartly streamlined, chrome-grilled front ends … heavier frames … longer springs . . . greater range of wheelbase lengths … newest type Lockheed hydraulic brakes with greater braking area and simplified servicing.

Big side-mounted fuel tanks for quick, safer filling . . . new cabs that are wider, more comfortable, more convenient . . . the most complete line of chassis and body combinations ever offered. If definite, important money savings appeal to you, see your Studebaker dealer without delay.

Adding still more to cab-forward style (1937)

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Old-fashioned Studebaker delivery trucks (1937)

Cab-forward compactness pays – More load space in less road space

Studebaker trucks with cab-forward compactness pays (1937)

Crowded? These new “Cab-Forward” Studebaker trucks really get around! (1936)

For close quarters! For those hard-to-get-into driveways, and alleys, and parking spots! For any hauling work in city or country where trucks have to turn and maneuver in cramped space, these new Studebaker Cab Forward Trucks are the perfect answer!

Heavy-duty, genuine truck construction from big 6-cylinder engine to full-floating rear axle, distinguishes these new Cab-Forwards, as well as the Standard Series Studebakers — which are more compact than usual. Save time and fuel They save money as well as space.

Think of the time and fuel wasted in maneuvering an ordinary truck in crowded places! Studebaker Cab-Forwards get in and out like an eel. Pioneer of the efficient Cab-Forward design in the low-priced field, these new Studebaker trucks are everywhere winning new sales honors for this veteran motor truck builder.

Economy in every field: Retail city delivery of merchandise of all types; inter-city hauling, farm work, road and construction service — the money-saving uses of these trucks are legion! They save up to 40 inches in overall length, over conventional trucks with same bodies, and have a much shorter turning radius.

Call your Studebaker truck dealer and let him show you the profit-possibilities of the great 1936 Studebaker Cab-Forward and Standard Series trucks.

Studebaker – Foremost in transport since 1852 – Truck Division, South Bend, Ind. 

Cab-forward Studebaker trucks get around (1936)

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