See 17 different vintage Chevrolet station wagons from the ’70s, including Chevelle, Caprice, Vega & others

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17 different vintage Chevrolet station wagons from the ’70s

Vintage Chevrolet cars included here: Bel Air, Blazer, Caprice Classic Wagon, Caprice Estate Wagon, Chevelle Deluxe, Chevelle Laguna, Chevelle Malibu, Chevelle Malibu Classic Estate, Impala, Malibu Classic, Malibu Estate Wagon, Malibu Wagon, Sportvan, Suburban, Vega Estate Wagon, Vega Kammback, Vega Estate Kammback.

1972 Chevrolet wagons: Building a better way to see the USA

1972 Chevrolet station wagon cars

'72 Chevrolet station wagons

’72 Chevrolets: Five different wagons. Four of the best tailgates in sight, and one that’s out of sight.

Chevy station wagons from 72 (2)

Chevy station wagons from 72 (1)

’73 Chevrolets: Choose all the wagon you need from America’s family wagon builder.

Because families come in different sizes, Chevrolet builds many different wagons. 17 in all, including a good selection of 3-seaters.

We can show you wagons to fit your family, your pocket… even your lifestyle. Like the neat little woody Vega below. If you need more than a wagon there are spacious, surprisingly comfortable Chevrolet trucks to consider.

Please turn inside. There’s much more.

Caprice Estate Wagon, Malibu Estate Wagon, Vega Estate Wagon

1973 Chevy Caprice Estate Wagon, Malibu Estate Wagon, Vega Estate Wagon

Vintage Chevrolet station wagons: Neat little woody 1973 Vega & Chevelle-size wagons

Neat little woody Vega & Chevelle-size wagons

Big 1973 Chevrolets & Trucks for wagon people

Big Chevrolets & Trucks for wagon people

Vintage Chevrolet station wagons in the 1974 Chevrolet family wagon planner

1974 Chevrolet family station wagon planner

Full-size ’74 Chevrolets

There’s a lot of great wagon engineering here. Shown: Caprice Estate Wagon

This is the Chevrolet for large families who need great utility in their wagon, but want the conveniences and comforts of a fine car. The Glide-Away tailgate doesn’t open out or drop down — it disappears. The window vanishes into the roof, the gate disappears beneath the floor exposing 106.4 cubic feet of load space with rear seats down.

And because on 3-seaters the third seat faces forward, there’s generous space for storing things behind the seat when the family’s on the go. Trailering families will appreciate the way the Glide-Away tailgate lets them unload without unhitching.

You can convert from seats to cargo floor from one location. All full-size Chevrolet 3-seat wagons feature new Flip-Down rear seats that convert quickly to cargo floor from a single location at the right rear passenger door (which, by the way, is curbside and out of the divided second seat traffic flow). The can be folded flat by depressing the releases on the lower seat backs. The third seat back is spring-loaded, and it flips down automatically from a remote switch on the wheel-house. That’s it. No more going from door to door.

Full-size '74 Chevrolets (2)

There’s a lot of great wagon engineering here.

All-vinyl interiors are as easy to care for as they are to look at. We think you’ll find the full-size Chevrolet interior roomy, comfortable and beautiful. Keeping it beautiful is aided by all-vinyl seat upholstering that’s soft and durable and neatly tailored. Door trim and headliner wipe clean easily, too.

More great wagon engineering. A lengthy 125″ wheelbase is 3-1/2inches longer than big Chevrolet sedans. The rear doors are bigger, too. The rear suspension has leaf springs. Special and extensive wagon sound insulation is standard on Caprice Estate models and available for Impala and Bel Air.

Models. Caprice Estate, Impala and Bel Air. All three available as either 2-seat or 3-seat models.

What’s standard. 400-4 Turbo-Fire V8 engine. Turbo Hydramatic transmission. Variable-ratio power steering. Power front disc/ rear drum brakes. Steel guard beams in the doors. Double-panel door, hood, roof and tailgate construction.

What’s available. Remote-control left and right outside rearview mirrors. Comfortron air conditioning. AM/FM stereo radio. Steel-belted radial ply tires. Comfortable steering wheel. 6-way power seats. Power door locks. GM child and infant Love Seats. Special trailering equipment.

Full-size '74 Chevrolets (1)

See several Vintage Chevrolet station wagons in this Chevy commercial from ’74

1974 Chevelle Malibu station wagon

We designed a mid-size wagon for families who love to drive – Shown: Chevelle Malibu Classic Estate

1974 Chevelle Malibu station wagons (2)

1974 Chevelle Malibu station wagons (1)

1973 Little Woody Vega station wagon

Think of it as our starter wagon for young or small families

Vega Estate Kammback & Vega Kammback

1974 Little Woody Vega station wagon (1)

1974 Little Woody Vega station wagon (2)

For families who need more than a wagon… there are roomy Chevy trucks

Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Sportvan, Chevrolet Blazer [What we’d call SUVs and vans now]

1974 Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Sportvan, Chevrolet Blazer

Chevrolet Wagon Stop: Chevy Vega, Chevelle, Suburban, Sportvan & Blazer (1977)

Your complete shopping center for wagons

Everything you need in wagons under one roof, including a full range of available wagon options and personal attention from sales people who know wagons. There are almost 6000 Chevrolet Wagon Stops across the country.

  • Vega: Vega with available Estate equipment
  • The smart, mid-size Chevelle: Chevelle Malibu Classic
  • Suburban – our superwagon: Silverado Suburban
  • Sportvan – our people mover: Beauville Sportvan
  • Our 4-wheel-drive Blazer: Looks & feels easy

Chevy Vega, Chevelle, Suburban, Sportvan, Blazer (1978)

Vintage Chevrolet station wagons from ’77

Vega. 5-year/60,000-mile engine guarantee.

Vega is a great starter wagon for small families. It seats four with room for gear behind. Vega’s Dura-Built engine guarantee is an added value feature that’s good for 5 years or up to 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. It covers repairs to the cylinder block and head, manifolds, water pump and all internal engine parts made necessary due to defects in materials or workmanship. It means that should something go wrong with the engine your Chevy dealer will fix it free. It does not cover repairs required because of accident, misuse or lack of proper maintenance. Your Chevy dealer has the complete guarantee statement.

In the '70s, here's how men got their dry, soft hairstyles

The smart, mid-size Chevelle.

Sensible value in a glamorous mid-size, that’s part of Chevelle wagon’s strength. The other part is a wagonload of practical features. Automatic transmission, steel-belted radials and power steering and brakes are standard. The litigate swings up and out of the way. There are storage frays in the wheel wells and concealed space under the floor. Full Coil suspension system with front stabilizer helps it handle roads as well as loads.

Suburban. Our superwagon.

This is our superwagon that holds more than most wagons and tows more than many trucks. Properly equipped, a C20 Suburban can move up to 15,000 lbs. of Suburban, passengers, cargo and trailer. Super also describes Suburban’s inside space. There’s available seating for up to nine with 35 cubic feet left over for cargo. With seats removed, Suburban can beadle 144 cubic feet of cargo. And you’ll find a wide range of available options to make it convenient, personal and complete.

Sportvan. Our people mover.

Got a crowd to move? We’ve got something just for you at the Chevrolet Wagon Stop. Sportvan can take up to 12 passengers with available seating. Passengers enter through a wide-opening, easy-sliding side door. Take out the quick-release rear seats, throw open the wide double rear doors, and you’ve got your own personal moving van with up to 260 cubic feet of cargo space. 125″ or 110″ wheelbase available.

Our 4-wheel-drive Blazer.

It’s tough enough to take you to Pads of the USA You never knew were out there. With the full-time 4-wheel-drive system tars standard when you order automatic transmission, it looks and feels easy. And Blazer offers many fine wagon attributes. There’s seating for up to five, generous cargo space and a wagon-type tailgate for rear access. Standard Blazer has a steel front half top . and removable rear fiber-glass-reinforced plastic top.
the wagon for you.

Chevy Vega, Chevelle, Suburban, Sportvan, Blazer (1977)

The new Chevrolet for ’77: More of the things you want in a wagon

1977 Chevrolet wagons

1978 Chevrolet station wagons: Introducing the new-size Malibu wagon

Maybe your next car ought to be a wagon. Not just any old wagon, mind you. We’re talking about the new-size Malibu. Trim, contemporary, designed to make most other wagons look like refugees from some bygone era. New mileage.

The world is awakening to the realities of energy and the need for all of us to conserve it in whatever ways we can. Malibu conserves admirably. Thanks to its new weight-saving design and efficient new V6 powerplant, this timely new wagon is rated at 29 mpg highway and 21 mpg city. Those are EPA estimates with the new standard 3.3 litre (200 Cu. In.) V6 and manual transmission. Your mileage may vary depending on how and where you drive, your car’s condition and available equipment. Note: Malibu is equipped with GM-built engines produced by various divisions.

New 2-way hatchgate. The top swings up like a hatch, the bottom drops down to serve as a handy assist for loading. Malibu’s roomy interior swallows good-size loads, with extra space for small items on both sides and beneath the floor.

New size. For all its interior roominess, the new-size Malibu is sensibly trim on the outside. Its timely new dimensions let you tuck it into parking places some wagons would have to pass by. (Hear that, ladies?) Malibu’s fresh new interior features a slim new instrument panel, fixed rear windows with handy vents, wall-to-wall
carpeting. And, believe it or not, more rear-seat legroom and hip room than in the mid-size ’77 Chevelle wagon it replaces.

New friend. The new-size Malibu Wagon, like any good friend, is full of qualities you admire. A battery that never needs water, radial ply tires, High Energy Ignition, full foam seats, power front disc brakes. The new-size Malibu Wagon. It could be the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship. 

1978 Chevrolet Malibu station wagon

1978 Chevrolet station wagons (1)


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