Chrysler cars for 1956: Imperial, Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto have the forward look with Flight-Sweep

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Chrysler cars for 1956 Imperial, Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto have the forward look with Flight-Sweep

Chrysler cars for 1956: The forward look ’56

Wraps up the idea of go in one clean front-to-back sweep!

Look at the people driving these cars. Their faces tell they know they couldn’t have made a better choice!

See how they get into drive — they just press a button of the new Pushbutton PowerFlite! See how they go — with the finest new engines: more powerful, more efficient, more economical. See how smoothly they ride — with an all-road comfort in a class by itself. See how easily they stop with new hydraulic braking systems unequaled for sureness and ease. See how effortlessly they steer — Chrysler Corporation’s unique safety touch power steering works all the time, not part-time.

Chrysler cars for 1956 The forward look with Flight-Sweep

The five all-new cars with the Flight-Sweep

One vivid stroke from headlight to upswept tail… the freshest note in car design you’ll see this year!

  • Here’s what power looks like: Chrysler New Yorker 4-door Newport
  • The new look of leadership: 1956 Imperial 4-door Sedan
  • Youthful aerodynamic styling: 1956 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible
  • The success car of the year: Dodge Custom Royal Lancer V-8
  • Designed for the superhighway age: The 1956 De Soto – Fireflite V-8 Sportsman

The look of leadership is yours in a 1956 Imperial 4-door sedan. From front grille to distinctive gunsight taillights, never before has such elegance been achieved in an American motor car.

new-cars-from-chrysler-11-14-1955 (2)

Pushbutton magic on the ’56 De Soto Firedome station wagon: Easy as ringing a doorbell

Chrysler cars for 1956 – the forward look

Plymouth – Dodge – DeSoto – Chrysler – Imperial

Youthful aerodynamic styling emphasizes the long, low grace of this new 1956 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible. this is the magnificent, all-new, jet-age car that’s going places with the young at heart.

The success car of the year is Dodge — and this sleek Custom Royal Lancer V-8 tells you why. See how the bold, front-to-back stroke of the flight sweep wraps up the whole idea of go!

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Designed for the superhighway age: The 1956 De Soto. This Fireflite V-8 Sportsman hugs the road like a swallow skimming the grass. Like all the calls of the forward look, it has a great sense of forward motion. 

new-cars-from-chrysler-11-14-1955 (1)

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