Jolly Time popcorn ads (1950s)

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Pop Jolly Time (1950)

Quick – easy- never fails

Best you ever ate!

Every kernel so crisp, tender, delicious. No other pop corn like it. Pops like fury and tastes so good. Two kinds – White & Yellow. Guaranteed to please of money back. Ask your grocer for Jolly Time.

Jolly Time always pops pop corn


Jolly Time for Thanksgiving is swell (1950)

It always pops

No other pop corn like it. So-o-o crisp! Tender! And delicious! At all grocers.

Jolly Time pop corn


Puts more pep in parties! (1955)

Pops fluffy, delicious

Fun to pop – fun to eat! Always so fluffy-tender, delicious. Sealed air-tight in cans – it’s always fresh.

America’s favorite!

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