Want confidence? Dress like Johnny Carson (1978)

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Here’s Johnny!

“Confidence. Whether you’re out on the court or behind a desk, you have to have it. And even the clothes you wear can help you feel in control. Especially when they’re as comfortable and stylish as all the suits you’ll find in my new spring collection. They’re confidence you can wear… anywhere.”

Johnny Carson Apparel, Inc.

Also: Presenting the Johnny Carson cologne and all-weather skin shield



“Let me tell you, skydiving is a lot harder than it looks.”



“I’ve always been fascinated by the stars.”



Here’s Johnny! Presenting his Globe Circler of Today’s Dacron


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One Response

  1. Only uber-cool dude Johnny Carson could take the fashion trends of the 1970’s, in all their Polyester/Dacron glory, and make them look really good and stylish.

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