Pantene haircare: ‘Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful’ (1987)

Pantene haircare 'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful' (1987)

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

“This was my perm two weeks ago.”

“My hair was so dull and dry! And my conditioner made it droop. I was almost ready to go back to straight hair. But then I discovered Pantene.”

You see, perms break down the structural bonds inside your hair, and reform them to curl it. Which leaves your hair weak and vulnerable. But Pantene has a provitamin B-5 complex that penetrates to reinforce these bonds. And give your hair inner strength. So it’s strong and shining.

So look for Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner for Permed Hair at fine stores. They’ll keep your curls longer. And shinier.”

Pantene: Formulas for permed, normal, dry and color-treated hair


Iman: Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

“My hair was so fragile, I used to hate to watch it.”

Iman Pantene ad 1987

Paulina Porizkova for Pantene

Finally – styling products that take my hair as seriously as I do.

Lots of styling products aren’t so hot for your hair. But you don’t want to have to choose between a great style and great hair. And neither do I. That’s why I use the new stylers from Pantene… Normal and extra-firm hold mousses and hairsprays, and a terrific gel.

Pantene Paulina 1987

Kelly Le Brock: Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

My hair used to have a mind of its own

No-bake banana pudding with vanilla wafers (1956)

“Then, a few weeks ago I stopped complaining. I started using Pantene. Pantene scientists have discovered a unique provitamin B-5 complex that penetrates your hair to help give it inner strength. So it can stand up to my daily routine and still be silky and supple. Shiny and full… healthy-looking. No, it didn’t happen overnight. But it did happen. You‘ll see.”

1987 Pantene shampoo hair Kelly LeBrock

“This is my hair in the morning”

So I have to wash it. And blow it dry. Just like you. How come my hair looks great despite all this? I discovered Pantene.

Pantene shampoo beautiful 1987


Pantene haircare 'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful' (1987)

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