Radium and beauty

Peau de Velour is more than an exquisite night cream. It contains real radium — that wonder-element akin to sunlight — which is hailed by science as Nature’s builder of life.

The radium in the cream acts much like a spontaneous, continuous massage. It energizes the cells of the skin so that they throw off impurities. It strengthens the tissues of the skin — making its texture fine, firm and supple. It stimulates the circulation of the blood through the face — producing the charming glow of delicate color.

radior-radioactive-beauty-cream-1919Radior Peau de Velour makes beauty flower. It keeps beauty from fading. It is the old, old way — used from the beginning by Nature herself — used for years by the fairest women of England — and just recently brought into America.

Choose Radior Vanishing Cream and Radior Face Powder. They also combine ingredients of highest quality with the health-building, beautifying powers of radium.

The transcendent loveliness of woman that has inspired poets and painters in every age is neither fragile nor fleeting. Clear complexion and delicate color are the free gifts of Nature to every woman whose skin keeps healthy and active. Nature herself provides the means of stimulating all organs of the skin — so that every woman’s beauty may reach the fullness of its perfection. Write for the most interesting and instructive beauty booklet of the year, “Radium and Beauty.”

The Radior Preparations are sold at all shops and stores which serve women of taste.

(From the New York Tribune, August 10, 1919)



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Radior Peau de Velour

Radior products were invented by an expert in Radium Therapeutics, who in site of Radium’s prohibitive cost, discovered a way to utilize it in commercial preparations placing it at the command of every woman who uses creams, powders, soap. etc.

Radium has proved of immeasurable value to the skin and complexion. Radium and Beauty are linked together. The wonderful Rays of Radium energize and invigorate all living tissue. They revivify — rejuvenate. They are “accepted by the human system as harmoniously as is sunlight by the plant.” They possess an enormous power for betterment.

Every Radior Article contains a definite quantity of Actual Radium, as attested to by our $5000 Guarantee. In addition, Radior Toilet Requisites are the finest, most luxurious of toilet preparations. Their use is a delight.

Radior face creams are velvety and soft. The face powders are enchanting — as smooth as satin. The hair tonic pleases both men and women. It invigorates scalp and hair.

Radior Skin Soap benefits the tender skin. It is a foe to blemishes. Radior Rouge, Compact Powder, Shampoo and Under-Chin and Fore head Pads must also be classed by themselves. All have their own mysterious, seductive fragrance — an exclusive Radior perfume.

When, to such superiority is added the magic of Radium, with its powers for betterment, the very highest level of beauty culture is reached. Remember, Radior’s use of Radium as a vital aid to Beauty is new in this country only. Radior has had several years of pronounced success in England. It has any thousands of delighted users there.

A box containing Radior Peau de Velour (Night Cream) was placed on a photographic plate, and left in a dark room. The above Radiograph resulted from the actual natural Radium present in the cream. This was done without the aid of an X-Ray machine. Nothing but Radium or an X-Rav machine will produce a Radiograph. This is actual visible proof of the presence of Radium in Radior Articles, as attested to by our $5000 Guarantee.

Write for this Vitally Interesting Booklet

This is probably the most revolutionary booklet on the subject of Beauty ever published. You — the modern woman — should know all about the new kind of toilet preparations made with Radium. You should know what Radium is, what it does and how it can be used as an aid to Beauty.

Test Radior Toilet Requisites. Compare them with any other preparations. You will find them imbued with LIFE, through Radium’s vitalizing energy. No claims need be made for what this energy of Radium will do for you. The records of Science show what Radium has done for the skin and complexion. These records are open to you in the works on Radium in any public library. Try Radior Toilet Requisites now.

(From the New York Tribune, February 23, 1919)


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