Thanksgiving & peaceful feelings smoking Camel cigarettes for good digestion (1920s & 1930s)

Thanksgiving peaceful feelings smoking Camel cigarettes for good digestion

Thanksgiving dinner… and then the peaceful feeling that comes from good digestion and smoking Camels! (1936)

Right down the line — from explorers living on “iron rations” to the millions of men and women who’ll enjoy a big Thanksgiving dinner — it is agreed that Camels set you right!

You enjoy food more — have a feeling of ease after eating when you smoke Camels between courses and after meals. Enjoy Camels all through the day. Camel’s costlier tobaccos are mild. Steady smokers say that Camels never tire the taste or get on the nerves. And when you’re tired, try this: get a “lift” with a Camel!

Thanksgiving & peaceful feelings smoking Camels (1936)

Camel cigarettes at Thanksgiving: When the feast is spread… Have a Camel! (1926)

When the Thanksgiving feast is spread — and gay friends gather — when you’re joyously thankful for another year of health and plenty — have a Camel!

When it’s Thanksgiving, and your chosen friends are enjoying the good things of earth — have a Camel!

For no other cigarette ever gave so much added enjoyment to a Thanksgiving feast. No other was ever so welcome to your friends. Millions of experienced smokers are thankful each day for Camels. This distinctive cigarette brought the world a new measure of smoking satisfaction and contentment, for Camels never tire the taste or leave a cigaretty aftertaste. Before Camel, it was impossible to get every good feature in one cigarette.

So this festive day, with thanks for the good year that is gone — send up the fragrant smoke that is loved by millions. On Thanksgiving Day have the best.

Have a Camel!

1926 - Thanksgiving Camel cigarettes

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