10 fruity summer sippers: The best non-alcoholic drinks from the 70s

Cool non-alcoholic drinks for summer

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Non-alcoholic drinks: Everyone can raise a glass to celebrate life’s special moments

The non-alcoholic drink trend has taken the beverage world by storm, offering an inclusive alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages. As people become more health-conscious and seek a greater balance in their lives, these innovative non-alcoholic drink recipes cater to the growing demand for mindful indulgence.

With an emphasis on fresh, natural ingredients and a focus on inventive flavor combinations, non-alcoholic drinks are making waves in bars, restaurants, and households alike. From sophisticated mocktails to sparkling infusions, these spirited creations are challenging the status quo and redefining what it means to enjoy a good drink.

Let’s rewind to the summer of 1977 — an era of iconic fashion trends and memorable tunes — and rediscover some of the best non-alcoholic drinks from that time!

Cool ‘sippers’ fit an easy lifestyle (1977)

From the Asbury Park Press (New Jersey) August 7, 1977

In most places, summer weekends are a time of informal visits by friends and neighbors.

A lazy hour’s break on the porch or patio is a pleasant and relaxing diversion. We wear more casual clothes, spend more time cooling off, serve more cold meals, and probably have more fun. Drink preferences change, too.

Tall, fruity coolers, with or without alcohol, are much more refreshing than the usual carbonated soft drinks or heady cocktails. Try a red rum cooler, iced tea Hawaiian, Hawaiian rainbow, or sunshine floats.

Or try one of several different cool cranberry concoctions for super sipping at home or to take along on a picnic. (The recipes for each of these is given for 6 servings, but ingredients need only be doubled or tripled to serve a crowd.)

A nice idea at cocktail time or for a party is to have two serving pitchers or bowls, one with the suggested liquor added, and the other without for children and teetotalers. Whether you’re heading for the tennis courts, golf course, baseball diamond or jogging track this summer, there’s no question you’ll work up a thirst. 

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Red rum cooler retro non-alcoholic drink recipe

12 ounces frozen red fruit punch concentrate
1 cup water
1-1/2 cups unsweetened pineapple juice
2 envelopes daiquiri mix
3 cups club soda
1-1/2 cups light rum
Ice cubes
Fresh or canned pineapple sticks for garnish (optional)

In a pitcher, stir punch concentrate, water, pineapple juice and daiquiri mix until mix is dissolved. Slowly stir in club soda. Add rum and ice. Pour into tall glasses. Garnish with pineapple stick. Makes about 2 quarts.

Iced tea Hawaiian

4 tea bags
2 cups cold water
12 ounces frozen red fruit punch concentrate
2 cups water
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 cups orange soda
Ice cubes
Citrus slices for garnish

Early in the day, place tea bags in cold water in a large pitcher; let stand at least 6 hours or overnight; remove tea bags. Add punch concentrate, water and lemon juice. Slowly pour in orange soda; stir. Add ice cubes and citrus slices for garnish. Makes about 2 quarts.

Hawaiian rainbow

Orange juice
2 medium ripe bananas
2 cans (46 ounces each) red fruit punch, chilled
Lemon juice
Ginger ale

For each Hawaiian Rainbow, measure 1 tablespoon lemon juice into a 10- or 12- ounce glass. Put 2 or 3 cubes in glass and half fill with fruit punch. Add ginger ale and stir. Serve at once. Makes 8 to 10 servings.

The day before: To make rainbow cubes. leave sections in two ice cube trays. Pour enough orange juice into each to make 1/4-inch full; freeze until almost firm. Add 2 thin slices of banana to each section; freeze until set. Add another layer of orange juice; freeze until firm. Fill each tray with red fruit punch and freeze until hard.

Note: To unmold cubes, fill a shallow pan with very warm water; dip ice cube tray in it for a few seconds; invert and turn cubes into a dish or ice bucket. Keep unused cubes in plastic bags in freezer.

Sunshine floats – vintage non-alcoholic drink recipe for summer

2 quarts red fruit punch, chilled
1 can (6-ounce) frozen tangerine or orange juice concentrate, partially-thawed
1 cup water
1 pint lemon sherbet
Mint sprigs for garnish (optional)

In each of two medium-sized pitchers or containers, combine half of the punch. tangerine or orange juice and water; stir until juice is dissolved. Chill in refrigerator.

To serve, pour punch into tall glasses. Top each with a small scoop of lemon sherbet. Garnish each with a mint sprig, if desired. Makes about 2-1/2 quarts.

Berry crimson flip

1 pint strawberries, hulled
1/3 cup sugar
4 cups cranberry-apple drink, chilled
2 cups Tom Collins mixer, chilled
Ice cubes
Strawberries for garnish
1 cup gin or vodka (optional)

In a blender, whirl strawberries, sugar and 1 cup of the cranberry apple drink. Pour into a tall pitcher and stir in remaining juice and Tom Collins mixer. Chill until ready to serve. Place ice cubes into 6 glasses and fill with cranberry mixture. Garnish with strawberries. If using gin, stir gin into drink along with Tom Collins mixer. Garnish glasses with strawberries.

Cranberry pineapple fizz non-alcoholic drink

1 egg white substitute
4 cups cranberry juice, chilled
1 can (6-ounce) frozen pineapple juice concentrate, thawed
12 ice cubes
Lemon peel twists
1 cup bourbon whiskey (optional)
Sliced fresh pineapple for garnish

In a blender, whirl egg white substitute (like meringue powder) and half of the cranberry juice until foamy. Pour into a tall pitcher. Place remaining cranberry juice and pineapple juice and cubes into blender and whirl until ice cubes are crushed. Pour into pitcher and stir to blend.

Pour into 6 glasses at once and serve garnished with lemon peel twists. If using bourbon, stir it into drink along with cranberry juice mixture. Garnish glasses with pineapple.

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Pink ‘n’ creamy cranbanana whirl

2 ripe bananas, cut into 1-inch pieces
1 cup orange juice, chilled
4 cups cranberry-apple drink, chilled
1/2 cup heavy cream
Crushed ice
1 cup dark rum (optional)

In a blender, whirl bananas and orange juice until smooth. Pour mixture into a tall pitcher and stir in cranberry apple drink and cream. Chill until ready to serve. Half-fill small glasses with crushed ice and fill with cranberry mixture. If using rum, stir rum into drink along with heavy cream.

Cool drinks 10 retro sippers for summer (1977)

Double berry dandy classic summer non-alcoholic drink

1 package (10-ounce) frozen raspberries
4 cups cranberry juice or grape cranberry drink
2 cups club soda, chilled
Ice cubes
Lime slices for garnish
1 cup gin or vodka (optional)

Whirl raspberries and half of cranberry juice in a blender until smooth. Pour into a very tall pitcher with remaining cranberry juice. Stir in club soda. Place 3 to 4 ice cubes into 6 glasses and fill with cranberry mixture. Add lime slices. If using gin or vodka, stir into punch along with club soda. Garnish glasses with sliced lime.

Fruity lime tea

4 teaspoons instant tea powder
2-1/4 cups cold water
1/3 cup frozen limeade concentrate
1-1/2 cups pineapple juice
green food coloring
mint sprigs (optional)

In pitcher, dissolve instant tea in cold water. Stir in limeade concentrate, pineapple juice, and a few drops of green food coloring. Chill. Serve in ice-filled glasses. garnish with mint sprigs. Makes 6 servings.

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Apple-apricot cooler

2 cups apple juice
12-ounces apricot nectar
1/4 cup lemon juice
21 ounces sparkling water, chilled
8 thin lemon slices

In pitcher, combine juices; chill. Just before serving, carefully pour carboned water down inside of the pitcher. Stir gently with an up-and-down motion.

Serve in ice-filled glasses. Garnish with lemon slices. Makes 8 servings. 

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