38 cool, non-alcoholic drinks for an old-fashioned party punchbowl

Fruity punch

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This collection of recipes comes from 1918 and 1919 — just after the end of World War I, and around the beginning of the ban on drinking any of the hard stuff.

Prohibition meant coming up with clever and creative new concoctions that would appeal to everyone’s taste buds… but wouldn’t contain any of that unlawful alcohol. (This article came out a little ahead of the real clampdown on booze, but after the law was passed.)

One more note that might help if you want to try any of these recipes: Apollinaris is a sparkling mineral water.

Punch recipes: Some cooling summer beverages that sparkle but do not kick

by Virginia Carter Lee – The St. Louis Star and Times (St. Louis, Missouri) June 05, 1916

The wearied and jaded mortal who seeks the shadiest corner of the piazza, declaring himself dead to the world, has never yet been found proof against the seductive comfort of a tall, tinkling glass filled with an iced drink.

Many of these punches, fizzes, rickeys and juleps have hitherto owed their popularity largely to alcohol, but this summer’s hostess must turn her attention to the infinite variety of delicious beverages possible without the use of these stimulants.

We may yet be convinced that when the alcohol is absent, the drinks are more apt to perform their true mission as thirst quenchers and heat dispellers. The fruit juices and different varieties of carbonated waters and ginger ales satisfy the palate and cool the blood in a most refreshing manner.

If possible, prepare the fruit puree which forms the basis of most of these summer “punches,” “cups” and “frappes” several hours in advance of service, to blend the different flavors successfully. A slice or two of cucumber is an excellent addition, bringing out the fruit flavors most satisfactorily.

Be very careful in preparing any summer drink not to oversweeten it, as a certain tartness is desirable. If sections of fresh fruit are added, provide a long-handled spoon so that they may be eaten.

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Cold tea forms a splendid basis for almost any summer punch. Lemons, oranges and limes combine particularly well with it, and a little chilled rice water (water in which rice has been cooked) seems to give a certain “body” to the beverage besides tending to counteract any stomach disturbance from eating a quantity of chilled acid fruit, especially if one is very warm.

Preserved ginger is still another ingredient that, used with a skilled hand, imparts a novel zest to chilled drinks. A small jar, when opened, will keep for some time, and a couple of tablespoonsful of the chopped ginger with the thick syrup can be used occasionally to impart variety.

The following tested recipes for summer beverages will furnish no mean substitutes for those served in the “good old days.”

Vintage non-alcoholic punch with fruits and berries

1. Admiral punch recipe

Make a quart of strong tea and strain into a saucepan with two pounds of sugar, the grated rind of one orange and three lemons, and boil for five minutes. Strain, and let stand overnight.

The next morning, mix the juice of six lemons and two oranges, a cup of shredded pineapple, a cup of strawberries, three bananas, sliced, a pint of grape juice, or ginger ale, and one teaspoonful each of bitter almond extract, rose water, and vanilla. Add the fruit to the tea, and pour into a punch bowl over a large block of ice. Just before serving pour in three quarts of Apollinaris.

2. Allied punch

To one quart of any canned fruit juice, such as peach, pineapple, raspberry, or strawberry (use a combination of juices or one alone), add one cup of sugar and one half cupful of lemon juice. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, and put in ice box to chill. When ready to serve, add cracked ice and any charged water.

3. Angler’s punch

Chop a cupful of preserved ginger very fine, grate one pineapple, and add the juice of three lemons and a pound of powdered sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, and when ready to serve, add three bottles of ginger ale, and plenty of ice.

4. Anniversary punch

Make a syrup, by boiling for ten minutes, two pounds of sugar, the grated rind of one dozen lemons and two oranges, with one quart of water. Strain, and add immediately one glass each of currant, raspberry, and blackberry jelly.

When thoroughly cool, add two cups of grated pineapple, two cups of preserved strawberries, a quart of canned peaches, and a half cup of preserved cherries. Cover and let stand overnight. When ready to serve, add one pint of grape juice, a quart of ginger ale, one bottle of sarsaparilla and three quarts of Apollinaris.

5. Apple punch

Bake until half done six green apples with five or six cloves stuck in each apple. Put them while hot into a large dish with one lemon sliced thin, and three dozen allspice; cover all with granulated sugar and let stand overnight.

The next morning, add a quart of plain syrup and simmer until the apples separate from the core. When cool, put into a punch bowl with slices of lemon, one-fourth teaspoonful of powdered cinnamon, two teaspoonfuls of vanilla, and slice two bananas and put on the top. Dilute with more plain syrup.

Serve two tablespoonfuls in each glass, with the same amount of plain cream, or ice cream, and fill up the glass with any charged water. Decorate with slices of lemon and banana.

6. Armistice punch recipe

Dissolve one and one-half cup of sugar with one cup of hot water, adding one cup of orange juice and one half cup of lemon juice. Strain through a fine sieve into a punch bowl over cracked ice. When ready to serve, add one pint of ginger ale and one pint of Lithia [a minderal water]. Put in one orange, sliced into thin slices, and some preserved cherries.

7. Beacon punch

Mix the juice of seven lemons, three oranges, one cupful of pineapple juice, one-half cupful of prune juice, two cupfuls of strawberry syrup, and one pint of tea. Sweeten with one cupful of Apollinaris plain syrup, and add three pints of water. Put in icebox until thoroughly chilled and serve with cracked ice in a punch bowl.

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8. Belfast punch

Cook for ten minutes one cup of sugar with one cup of water, and add one half dozen whole cloves, small piece of stick cinnamon, and a small piece of ginger root.

When thoroughly cold add the juice of two lemons and two oranges, one drop of oil of peppermint, and a very little green coloring. Let stand until well blended. Pour into a punch bowl with plenty of ice, and garnish with sprigs of mint.

9. Blackberry punch

To one quart of blackberry juice and one quart of grape juice, add four and one-half pounds of sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved and then bring to the boiling point. Strain through a jelly bag or a fine sieve, and when cool add one pint of lemon syrup. Pour into punch bowl over a block of ice. A few blackberries may be added.

10. Boston punch recipe

Pour one quart of boiling water on two tablespoonfuls of tea leaves and half a bunch of fresh mint. Let stand for four minutes, then strain. Cool, add a small cupful of sugar, two sliced lemons and chill on the ice. At serving time, pour in a quart of unfermented white grape juice and add a pint of cracked ice and a pint of red raspberries. Serve in slender glasses with straws.

11. Brooks punch recipe

Wash and peel very thin two dozen lemons and squeeze the juice over the grated rinds. Let stand overnight, and in the morning add two glasses of grape jelly. Add four cupfuls of sugar to three quarts of milk, and heat slowly until the sugar is dissolved. Pour over the fruit juices. When cold strain through a jelly bag, being careful not to squeeze it. Pour into a punch bowl and serve with cracked ice.

12. California punch

Mix one quart of white grape juice with one quart of Apollinaris and serve very cold in punch bowl, decorated with bunches of white grapes and leaves.

13. Canton cup

This is very refreshing. Place in a large bowl a cupful of chopped preserved ginger and add one quart of unfermented grape juice, one cupful of sugar, half a cupful each of orange juice and lemon juice, and one cupful of loganberry juice. Chill on the ice, and just previous to serving, add a quart of chilled sparkling water and a quart of cracked ice.

14. Christmas punch recipe

Boil two cups of sugar in one cup of water, and cool. Mix the juice of six oranges, six lemons, and the pulp and juice of two grapefruits, one grated pineapple, or one can of preserved pineapple, and one cup of strong tea. Sweeten with sugar syrup and chill in the icebox. When ready to serve, pour into the punch bowl. Add a large piece of ice and four quarts of ice water. Garnish with cherries or oranges sliced.

15. Cranford punch

Peel the yellow rinds from three lemons, add with the juice to one-half cup of sugar and one quart of water. Boil for five minutes, strain, and cool. Add two cups of tea and an equal amount of any kind of fruit juice. When ready to serve, pour over ice and add a bottle of Vichy. Decorate with fresh fruit.

16. Debutante punch

Prepare one pint of sweetened, strong lemonade and add three tablespoonfuls of strained tea, two chopped, peeled oranges, a tiny bunch of fresh mint, one quart of either red or white grape juice and a pint of carbonated water. Pour slowly over a block of ice placed in the punch bowl.

Red punch in a punchbowl with three glasses
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17. Diplomatic Rickey

Pour into a bowl a pint of red raspberry or loganberry juice and add the juice from two limes, a bit of stick cinnamon, one small cupful of sugar and the whites of two eggs whipped to a stiff froth. Chill on the ice for two hours. Remove the cinnamon and whip with an egg beater. Pour in gradually from a height one quart of chilled seltzer water, add a quart of shaved ice and serve immediately.

18. Farmerette punch

Take two tablespoonfuls of ginger syrup, one cup of molasses, half a cup of sugar, a bit of grated lemon peel, and a quart of milk. Stir well, and add a pint of cream, and a little grated nutmeg. Chill, but do not ice.

19. Garland punch

Mix one-half pint of pineapple juice, one half pint grape juice, and one pint of ginger ale. Sweeten with one-half pint of plain syrup. Add one quart of water and pour over cracked ice in a punch bowl.

20. Ginger punch recipe

Cut up one half pound of preserved ginger, add one quart of cold water, and one cup of sugar and boil for fifteen or twenty minutes. Add one half cup of orange juice and one half cup of lemon juice. When cool, strain, and serve with cracked ice. Apollinaris may be added when ready to serve.

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21. Grape cooler

Add the pulp and juice of one large grapefruit to one quart of grape juice, and one-half cup of sugar. Mix well, put in punch bowl with plenty of cracked ice and a bottle of Apollinaris or Seltzer.

22. Harlequin punch

Mix one half pint of strawberry syrup, one half pint of orange syrup, one half pint of pineapple syrup, and four tablespoonfuls of lemon juice. To serve, put four tablespoonfuls in a glass one third full of cracked ice, and fill up with soda water. Decorate with fresh strawberries and slices of orange and pineapple.

23. Hillcrest punch

Boil one and one-half cups of sugar and one cup of water for ten minutes. Cool, and add the juice of eight oranges, five lemons, one cup each of raspberry syrup and grated pineapple, and one cup of tea. Serve in a punch bowl with plenty of ice and one quart of Apollinaris.

24. Jamaica punch

Boil one and one third cups of sugar in one quart of water with the grated rind of one lemon for ten minutes. When thoroughly cool, add two teaspoonfuls of ginger syrup, one half cup of orange juice, and one third cup of lemon juice. Strain, and serve with cracked ice.

25. Loganberry fizz

Slice into a bowl three lemons and add one cupful of sugar, three sprigs of mint and a thinly sliced orange. Chill on the ice for two or three hours and add one quart each of cracked ice, loganberry juice and carbonated water poured from a height. Have both fruit juice and water iced, remove the mint and serve in tall glasses ornamented with tiny bouquets of fresh mint.

26. Lorraine punch

Take the juice of half a grapefruit, one cup of grape juice, one cup of cider, and four tablespoonfuls of sugar. Mix well, and put in punch bowl with plenty of ice, and when ready to serve, add two bottles of Seltzer.

27. Manhattan punch recipe

Boil two cups of sugar with one cup of water ten minutes. Cool. Mix the juice of five oranges, five lemons, one can of grated pineapple, or one fresh one grated, one cup of tea, and two cups of strawberry syrup. When well blended, strain, and pour into punch bowl with enough ice water to make a gallon and a half of punch.

Just before serving, add one quart of Apollinaris, and decorate with strawberries or preserved cherries. This will be sufficient for fifty people.

28. Medley cup

Make a syrup by boiling one pint of rice water, one large cupful of sugar, the grated yellow rind of one lemon, a piece of stick cinnamon, three whole cloves and a small cupful of raisins for ten minutes. Strain, cool and chill on the ice. When ready to serve, add two thinly sliced oranges, the juice of two lemons and a quart of chilled lemon soda. Serve from a large tankard in which has been placed a pint of cracked ice.

29. Metropolitan punch

Make a quart of strong tea, strain, and cool. Mix the juice of four lemons and one cupful of sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Pour the strained juice into a punch bowl, add the tea and a pint of Apollinaris.

30. Old Glory punch

Rub the rinds of one lemon and one orange over fifteen lumps of sugar to remove the oH, and put with one pint of grape juice, one third cup of lemon juice, one third cup of orange juice, one cup of grated pineapple, three or four sprigs of mint, a pinch of salt, and a bit of grated nutmeg. Cover, and put in the ice box until well blended. Add a pint of soda water and plenty of ice. Put a spoonful of whipped cream on top of each glass and a sprig of mint.

31. Overland punch recipe

Put one pint of white grape juice, and one quart of ginger ale on ice until very cold. Mix together when ready to serve.

32. Pineapple fruit punch

Shred into a large bowl the edible pulp from a ripe pineapple and add two thinly sliced oranges, three or four slices of peeled cucumber, one pint of large strawberries, cut in halves, one diced banana and a large cupful of sugar.

Chill on the ice, remove the cucumber, add a dusting of ground cinnamon and dilute to the desired strength with chilled Apollinaris water. Serve in tall slender glasses with long-handled spoons, so that the fruit can be eaten.

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33. Prohibition punch recipe

To the grated rind of one lemon and the juice of two lemons, add the bruised leaves of one bunch of mint, and let steep for one half hour. Make a syrup of one pint of water and one pound of sugar, by boiling ten minutes.

Add the lemon juice with the mint, the juice of one orange, and a cupful of pineapple juice. Strain, and chill thoroughly. Serve in small glasses with a sprig of mint and a cherry in each glass.

34. Sherbet punch

Take one cupful of pineapple syrup, one and one fourth cupfuls of white grape juice, and two tablespoonfuls of sugar. Mix ingredients thoroughly and pour into a punch bowl, with one quart of pineapple water ice. Add a pint of seltzer.

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35. Tutti Frutti punch

Stone one cup of cherries and cut in halves, one grated pineapple, one pint mashed strawberries, and one small glass of Bar-le-duc jelly. Put in a large bowl and sprinkle with a generous amount of powdered sugar, a bit of nutmeg, and the grated rind of one orange. Put in icebox for several hours to chill thoroughly.

Make a syrup by boiling for ten minutes, three cups of sugar and a quart of water. When cool add one-half pint of lemon juice and one cucumber peeled and cut in dice. Mix the fruit with the syrup and pour over a large piece of ice in the punch bowl. Garnish with cherries and sprigs of rosemary.

36. Washington punch recipe

Grate the rinds of two lemons and four oranges, and put with one pound of sugar in two quarts of water, and boil for ten or twelve minutes. Strain, cool, and add the strained juice of four lemons, four oranges, and one more quart of cold water. Cut two tangerines in thin slices, a bunch of Malaga grapes, seeded and cut in half, a cup of grated pineapple, a banana sliced, and a cup of preserved cherries. Mix well, and add to the syrup, and serve well iced.

37. Woodford punch

Make two quarts of strong tea and add one pound of sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. When the tea is cold add the grated rinds and juice of eight lemons, one pineapple grated, three bananas sliced, and one pint of strawberries. Put on ice until well blended. Serve very cold.

37 cool, non-alcoholic drinks for an old-fashioned punchbowl

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