The Facts of Life theme song & lyrics (1979-1988)

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Facts of Life cast members

The Facts of Life cast Season 1 - with Molly Ringwald

The Facts of Life sitcom debuts – Spinoff of Diff’rent Strokes (1979)

Charlotte Rae, the lovable and comical housekeeper on NBC-TV’s “Diff’rent Strokes,” brings the same characterization to “The Facts of Life” as she stars in the role of Mrs Garrett, housemother to five teenage girls at Eastlake, a college preparatory school.

In her job, colorful Edna Garrett believes all problems can be handled with common sense solutions, warmth and good-natured humor. With this philosophy in mind, she helps her charges cope with the dilemmas of growing up.

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Byron Bradley (John Lawlor) is the stern headmaster of Eastlake. His philosophy is to follow the rules and there must be rules to cover every situation. Attractive Miss Mahoney (Jenny O’Hara) is a young teacher who sees the world romantically, and believes everything will come out right in the end. Due to their divergent attitudes, Mrs Garrett, Mr Bradley and Miss Mahoney seldom agree.

The five girls under their care are Blair, Sue Ann, Nancy, Molly and Tootie. Blair (Lisa Whelchel), 15, is beautiful, rich, spoiled and snobbish, but likable since she is totally naive about her attitude. Sue Ann (Julie Piekarski), 14, is blonde, cute, typical all-American girl always preoccupied with boys, clothes and diets. Molly (Molly Ringwald), 13, is the opionated “liberated woman” of the group. Nancy (Felice Schacter), 14, is the most all-around girl in the dorm; she’s good at sports, in studies, and moderately interested in dating. Tootie (Kim Fields), 11, is constantly vying for attention, she’s extremely inquisitive, and can’t keep a secret.

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The Facts of Life theme song & opening credits

Includes a cold opening featuring Molly Ringwald

The Facts of Life theme song lyrics (Season 1)

By Alan Thicke, Gloria Loring and Al Burton

There’s a place you’ve got to go for learning
all you want to know about the facts of life
The Facts of Life

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When books are what you’re there about
and looks are what you care about
the time is right
to learn the Facts of Life

When the world never seems
to be living up to your dreams
it’s time you started finding out
what everything is all about

When the boys you used to hate you date,
I guess you best investigate
The Facts of Life — you gotta get’em right
The Facts of Life
The Facts of Life
The Facts of Life

The Facts of Life cast members

Charlotte Rae as Edna Garrett
Lisa Whelchel as Blair Warner
Kim Fields as Tootie Ramsey
Mindy Cohn as Natalie Green
Nancy McKeon as Jo Polniaczek
John Lawlor as Steven Bradley
Jenny O’Hara as Emily Mahoney
Felice Schachter as Nancy Olsen
Julie Piekarski as Sue Ann Weaver
Julie Anne Haddock as Cindy Webster
Molly Ringwald as Molly Parker
Pamela Segall as Kelly Affinado
Mackenzie Astin as Andy Moffett
George Clooney as George Burnett
Cloris Leachman as Beverly Ann Stickle
Sherrie Krenn as Pippa McKenna

Facts of Life cast members

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