See vintage Mr Potato Head toys from the ’50s & ’60s

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Mr.Potato Head Funny-Face vintage original Kit
For generations, kids have been playing with Mr Potato Head — but how many of us remember how different he and his family used to look? See a collection of vintage Mr Potato Head toys here!

Mr and Mrs Potato Head: The joyful toy of 1001 faces! (1953)

hasbro-toys-1953-vintage (1)

Mr Potato Head: Funny-face kit box front (package from 1952)

Any fruit or vegetable makes a funny face man

Mr “Potato Head” is fun for ALL the family

Mr Potato Head kit can be assembled into innumerable characters. A few suggestions are shown. Variations can also be made with clay.

Mr.Potato Head Funny-Face vintage original Kit

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Mr & Mrs Potato Head – King & Queen of Laughs (1950s)

New funny face kit transforms ordinary fruits and vegetables into comical characters.

Children have hours of fun giving personalities and names to the characters they create. Contest novelty at parties. Includes 2 plastic bodies, plus noses, eyes, mustache, pipe, eyeglasses, etc.

1950s board games - Mr and Mrs Potato Head toy

Mr Potato Head & other retro Hasbro Toys (1953)LIFE Nov 9, 1953 toys hasbro


Old Mr Potato Head box back (1952)

Anyone can follow the enclosed simple, step by step construction – Hasbro – Made in USA


1953 Potato Head-like man for Scotch tape

Vintage Mr and Mrs Potato Head toy box (1960s)

Mr and Mrs Potato Head are a happy family with their NEW baby — for more exciting play

Vintage Mr and Mrs Potato Head toy

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  1. I acquired a mr. potato head funny-face kit and was trying to determine what age it is. There is no copyright on any of the box parts, booklet or potato parts. A total of 24 parts including the body + the styrofoam head. missing glasses and i believe a mustache eyebrows and not sure what else. There is no printing on the box bottom and the box is numbered NO. 2000. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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