Sea World San Diego: Shamu, dolphins & more (1986)


No other day makes you feel this way.

Take a look at the expression on this child’s face. A good, close look.

What you see is more than just fun. It’s love. Amazement. Awe. Curiosity And a huge helping of sheer happiness.

That pretty well describes the difference between Sea World and any other vacation attraction in Southern California. The marvelous way it makes you feel.

Imagine a chilling encounter with 8-foot sharks. A heartwarming tete-a-tete with 400 Antarctic penguins. A friendly finshake with a playful dolphin. And of course, the touching performance of Shamu, the killer whale. They’re all part of the most magical day you will ever spend. At Sea World. Truly the heart of your San Diego vacation.

Sea World San Diego

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