A cheerful collection of 15 vintage Mother’s Day cards

Vintage mother’s day card: To my own dear mom (1950s-1960s)

Shows a puppy sitting at a desk, writing a letter to mom

Vintage Mother's Day card from 1950s - Puppy at desk

I’m in love with you, Mommy! (1950s-1960s)

A baby angel leading three bluebirds in a song

I'm in love with you mommy - Vintage Mother's Day card from the 1950s-1960s

To an angel of a wife on Mother’s Day (1930s-1940s)

A woman opening a gift hatbox with a halo inside

To an angel of a wife 1940s Mother's Day card

It’s Mother’s Day! (1933)

Two baby bellhops carrying a bouquet of flowers

From your secret pal on Mother’s Day (1950s-1960s)

Secret Pal vintage Mother's Day

A Mother’s Day wish for my wife (1950s)

To Mother on Mother’s Day (1950s)

To the best of mothers: Antique mother’s day postcard with roses

Vintage Mother’s Day cards: Mother – Antique postcard

For mother on Mother’s Day (1944)

Mother’s Day greetings with best wishes

A pastel bouquet in a basket

To Mother Dear – Vintage Mother’s Day card

To my Auntie on Mother’s Day

A yellow cat with gardening tools and a flowerpot

vintage mother's day card - to my auntie

Vintage Mother’s Day cards: Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

Two kids with bows and arrows looking at a target

To mommy on Mother’s Day

Three baby animals in a hot air balloon

Vintage card: To mommy on Mother's Day

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