Vintage Mother’s Day cards like these were cute & cheerful

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Here’s a look back at some sweet vintage Mother’s Day cards from the 20th century, including a few of the 240 million vintage greeting cards for mom that were sold in just one year, back in 1959.

Mother’s Day cards still sentimental (1959)

By Bill Dulaney in the Arlington Heights Herald (Arlington Heights, Illinois) May 7, 1959

“Even llamas have mamas” — and while this and similar observations have tripled the sale of “sick” Mother’s Day cards this year, the old standby is still a sentimental bit of verse.

Of more than 240 million Mother’s Day cards given Sunday, 85 percent will express the traditional “We love you dear mother” thought, according to Vincent Vayda, regional sales manager for the American Greetings Corporation.

Cute bear - For mommy dear on Mother's Day (1951)

The other 15 percent will be “sick,” “slam,” or “highbrow” cards, as they’re variously called. The popularity of these types of card, says Vayda, has extended to every holiday and occasion.

The conventional Mother’s Day card, though expressing the same sentiment as in former years, has evolved to a less ornate, less maudlin card, according to Paul Vogel of the Paul R. Voel company, publishers of the Charm Craft cards.

“Most of the verse used or sentiment expressed has a more sincere ring than that used 10 years. Card givers like to send a card that looks as if they might have written the message, not something that originated with a 19th century poet,” says Vogel.

Vintage card - For my mommy on Mother's Day (1950s/1960s)

Vayda notes that the trend of Mother’s Day cards is toward smaller, neater-looking with better artwork. Parchment cards, though more costly, are big sellers, as are cards with a religious emphasis.

While the sale of all types of greeting cards has boomed in the post-war years, Mother’s Day cards, in particular, have become increasingly popular. Their retail sale amounts to $60 million yearly, according to Vayda, and Vogel notes that his company’s sale of Mother’s Day cards has doubled since 1951, while the sale of all cards has only risen 20 percent.

Vogel attributes a large portion of the sales increase to “other mothers.” There are Mother’s Day cards for new mothers, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, a friend’s mother, aunts, mothers-in-law, and “to someone like a mother.”

There is even a Mother’s Day card for parents, so father won’t feel left out.

Vintage Mother's Day card - To a swell sister

In fact, says Vogel, “other mother” cards count for a third of Mother’s Day card sales.

As for the “sick” card trend, some publishers are already expressing concern over where it will end.

“We feel such cards are in bad taste, but carry the line because of competition,” says a representative of one large company.

Another claims that such cards appeal primarily to young people. But young or old, habitual card senders are generally lonely people, says an executive of a publishing firm.

Psychologists have made the observation, he says that many people who regularly send cards do so in the hope of receiving one in return. Many are older persons with little family life, and receiving a card gives them a sense of belonging.

Vintage mother’s day cards: To my own dear mom (1950s-1960s)

Shows a puppy sitting at a desk, writing a letter to mom

Vintage Mother's Day card from 1950s - Puppy at desk

I’m in love with you, Mommy! (1950s-1960s)

A baby angel leading three bluebirds in a song

I'm in love with you mommy - Vintage Mother's Day cards from the 1950s-1960s

To an angel of a wife on Mother’s Day (1930s-1940s)

A woman opening a gift hatbox with a halo inside

Vintage mother's day cards: To an angel of a wife 1940s Mother's Day card

Vintage mother’s day cards: It’s Mother’s Day! (1933)

Two baby bellhops carrying a bouquet of flowers

Vintage mother's day cards: It's Mother's Day! (1933)

From your secret pal on Mother’s Day (1950s-1960s)

Secret Pal vintage Mother's Day

A Mother’s Day wish for my wife (1950s)

A Mother's Day wish for my wife (1950s)

To a swell mother on Mother’s Day

To a swell mother on Mother's Day vintage card

To Mother on Mother’s Day (1950s)

To Mother on Mother's Day (1950s)

To the best of mothers: Antique Mother’s Day postcard with roses

To the best of mothers: Antique mother's day postcard with roses

Vintage Mother’s Day cards: Mother – Antique postcard

Vintage Mother's Day cards: Mother - Antique postcard

For mother on Mother’s Day (1944)

For mother on Mother's Day (1944)

About Mother's Day: How it began, and who started it all (1909)

Mother’s Day greetings with best wishes

A pastel bouquet in a basket

vintage Mother's Day cards - greetings with best wishes

To Mother Dear – Vintage Mother’s Day card

To Mother Dear - Vintage Mother's Day cards

To a modern mother on Mother’s Day (1950s-1960s)

For a modern mother on Mother's Day - vintage card from the 1950s 1960s

To my Auntie on Mother’s Day

A yellow cat with gardening tools and a flowerpot

Vintage mother's day cards - To my Auntie on Mother's Day

Whitman's Chocolates & the Mother's Day guilt trips (1940s)

Vintage Mother’s Day cards: Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

Two kids with bows and arrows looking at a target. (And today, kids would go to Target to find a Mother’s Day gift!)

Vintage Mother's Day cards: Happy Mother's Day Mommy

To mommy on Mother’s Day

Three baby animals in a hot air balloon

Vintage card: To mommy on Mother's Day

Vintage Mother’s Day card: To my wife (who is doing laundry)

As a mother, you’re just the best. As a wife, you’re dear and sweet.

Vintage fifties Mother's Day card with mom doing laundry

Mother’s Day greetings…

To the one who put in overtime on details large and small… here’s a card bringing loads of love.

Retro mother's day card from the 1950s-1960s

Mom’s big moment

Whether she is near enough to hug or far away, make Mother’s Day truly memorable. Tell her how much she means to you with lovely Gibson Mother’s Day cards.

Vintage Mother's Day cards from 1950s

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