Foil-baked apple sundae retro recipe

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Baked apple sundae in a festive foil “jacket” (1972)

It’s a baked apple. It’s an ice cream sundae. It’s a dessert that says “holiday” all year round. Bake it in Reynolds Wrap… Looks so pretty, and no pan to scour!

baked apple sundae recipe jan 1972

Baked apple sundae recipe

Peel 6 red baking apples about halfway down. Core. Place each apple on a 12″ x 12″ piece of Reynolds Wrap (aluminum foil). Brush cut surfaces of apples with lemon juice.

Fill center of each apple with 2 tablespoons currant jelly and 2 tablespoons of cinnamon red hots. Sprinkle cut surfaces with red sugar. Bring foil up over individual apples. Pinch ends together to close.

Place in shallow baking pan. Bake in a preheated oven (350 degrees) for 45-60 minutes, or until apple is easily pierced with fork. Turn back foil and crimp edges.

Top each hot apple with small scoop of vanilla ice cream and 1 tablespoon of melted currant jelly.

Baked apple make a real winter treat — Honey Crust Apples (1966)

From The Quad City Times / January 15, 1966

The old expression about “an apple a day keeping the doctor away” has no really scientific basis, but we do know that baked apples will make everyone happy. There’s no better winter dessert than apples baked until they are tender and juicy. Serve them for dessert or as after school treats.

In Honey Crust Apples the fruit bakes tender and juicy, with a very unusual filling and crusty shell your family will love. Dates and pecans, delicately flavored with honey and lemon, baked inside the apples, are the wonderful surprise awaiting you with your first spoonful.

The outside of each apple is generously coated with graham cracker crumbs and butter and then more butter and honey are spooned atop the fruit before it’s ready for the oven.

This crumb crust forms a crispy topping on the apples that, when basted with the velvety-smooth honey, tastes just like a nut candy. Serve them piping hot from the oven, or with a scoop of ice cream on top.

Honey Crust Apples (1966)

Yield: 6 baked apples
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes


  • 1/4 cup chopped dates
  • 1-1/4 cup honey
  • 2 tablespoons chopped pecans
  • 2 teaspoons grated lemon peel
  • 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 6 baking apples
  • 1/3 cup melted butter
  • 1 cup honey


  1. Combine dates, 1/4 cup honey, pecans and lemon peel.
  2. Combine graham cracker crumbs and cinnamon.
  3. Core the apples and peel the top third of each.
  4. Brush with melted butter and roll apples in cracker crumbs.
  5. Place apples in a 10- by 6- by 2-inch baking dish.
  6. Spoon date mixture into center hole; pour remaining butter and honey over and around apples.
  7. Bake in a 400 degree (F) oven for 30 minutes or until done, spooning honey over apples every 10 minutes.

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Nutrition Information:
Yield: 6 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 1029Total Fat: 13gSaturated Fat: 7gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 5gCholesterol: 27mgSodium: 124mgCarbohydrates: 248gFiber: 3gSugar: 241gProtein: 2g

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