Reach out. Reach out and touch someone (1979-1982)

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Chicken soup via telephone

Too far away to bring the chicken soup? Well, how about some advice and good cheer by telephone? Wherever you are, you’re never too far away to let the patient know you care. Your phone call could be the best medicine there is. Reach out and touch someone. Someone who’s waiting to share your day.



A fish story

“Yeah, I used your special fly. No!… It’s bigger than that! Granddaddy of that one Harry got last year. I’d say it’s about… well, let’s just say it’s lucky we all like fish.” A laugh. A smile. A fish story. Reach out and keep faraway friends part of your life.



The best tennis player

Looks like your days for bragging bout being the best tennis player in the house are numbered. She’s something! “Oh, Dad! It’s no big deal.” But you know how she feels, you’ve been there. And you you want to tell the world. So go ahead. Reach out.



Her baby’s almost here

Your sister’s big day is only weeks away. You’ve always been close. And when you found out you couldn’t make that shower, you knew it could spoil her day. So you call, and a family heirloom changes hands. With love. Wonderful, isn’t it, how a simple phone call from far away can make everything just great. Reach out and touch someone who’s waiting to share her day.



A grandmother’s love

There’s something really special about a grandmother’s love. It communicates. Even to the grandchild she hasn’t seen. No matter what she says, he understands. And even though he only gurgles back, his sounds have really made her day. Wonderful, isn’t it, how a simple phone call can bring your family closer together. Reach out and touch someone who’s waiting to share your day.


Reach out. Reach out and touch someone.

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