Titanic: 45,000 ton monster ready for service (1912)

Titanic: 45,000 ton monster ready for service

Only the other day, the Lusitania and her the Mauretania were the world wonder sisters of the briny. Now they must yield the palm to a new pair of marine twins: the Olympic and the Titanic. This pair has just been filled out by the completion of the Titanic, the Olympic being already in commission.

The Titanic, which is shown here lying at the dock at Belfast preparatory to her trials, is 882 feet long and of 92 feet beam. She is nearly 100 feet longer than any other ship in the world except her sister — and her tonnage of 45,000 is 13,000 in excess of that of the biggest of rival liners. Her engines — 50,000 horsepower — are both turbine and reciprocating, are expected practically to eliminate vibration.

She has accommodations for 5,000 passengers. She cost $7,500,000. The Titanic is not a speed marvel — she makes but 21 knots as against the Mauretania’s 25 — but she is the last word in the way of comfort and luxury in trans-Atlantic travel.

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