Stainless cookware in the best ’70s colors: harvest gold and avocado


Town House by West Bend (1972)

Luxury Stainless in Harvest, Avocado… and now: Polished.

Town House quality runs deep. In addition to its familiar elegantly-colored porcelain, Town House now reveals itself in its gleaming natural state. Pure stainless.

What cannot be revealed is the clever system of carbon steel between two layers of stainless. It produced that even, gentle heating which knowledgeable cooks prefer. Truly a gourmet’s cookware!

See it at your West Bend dealer now. You’ll be convinced that Town House is West Bend craftsmanship at its best.

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Stainless cookware in harvest, avocado and polished (1972)

Wear-Ever Registered. Old-fashioned quality at an old-fashioned price. (1973)

Wear-Ever Registered combines old-fashioned quality, dependability and performance with contemporary styling. lts thick, heavy gauge ensures even heat distribution for truly effective cooking. And long. dependable service.

Interiors are smooth, polished aluminum. Exteriors are genuine porcelain. Choice of avocado, harvest, or black.

Each utensil is registered at our factory. Your assurance of quality.

And there are eight durable pieces to the set. At $39.95, it all adds up to an old-fashioned bargain. (Manufacturer’s suggested open-stock price – $60.75.)

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Wear-Ever Cookware from 1973



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