Check out these super-retro Tide laundry detergent ads from the 1950s

Vintage Tide laundry detergent ads from the 1950s

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Tide… for your cups and plates? Yep! Early vintage Tide detergent said right on the box that it would give you “sparkling dishes” in addition to cleaner clothes.

Nothing like Tide! (1950)

Tide washes clothes miracle clean — without rinsing!

No other washing product is made the way Tide is made. Just try Tide without rinsing! Take your wash out of the suds — wring it out — hang it up! Tide keeps the dirt suspended in the sudsy water.

When you wring out the clothes, the dirt runs out with the wash water… and clothes come bright, white, and clean! And they iron so easily! What’s more, this method saves wear and tear! Saves time, work, hot water!

Get Procter & Gamble’s Tide today — and remember! Other products may look like Tide… and talk like Tide… but they just aren’t the same as Tide!

Vintage Tide laundry detergent - 1950 (4)

Vintage Tide laundry detergent: Ocean of suds!

Whichever washing method you use… with or without rinsing, Tide does a better washing job than any soap on Earth!

Vintage Tide laundry detergent - 1950 (3)

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In love with that wonderful Tide!

Only Tide does all three:

World’s CLEANEST wash! Yes, Tide will get everything you wash cleaner. (Tide, unlike soap, removes both dirt and soap film.) No wonder more packages of Tide go into American homes than any other washday product!

World’s WHITEST wash! It’s a miracle! In hardest water, Tide will get your shirts, sheets, towels whiter — yea, whiter — than any soap or any other washing product known!

Actually BRIGHTENS colors! Trust all your washable colors to Tide. With all its terrific cleaning power, Tide is truly safe… and actually brightens soap-dulled colors.

Vintage Tide laundry detergent - 1950 (1)

Nothing but Tide will do!

No soap — no other “suds” — no other washing product known — will get your wash as clean as tide!

Vintage Tide laundry detergent - 1950 (2)

A vintage Tide laundry detergent singalong (1952)

Of all the gals who do their wash… She gets the cleanest clothes in town… she swears by Tide!

“She hangs the cleanest wash in town,
No wonder that she beams so!
Tide gets her white things dazzling white —
Makes all her colors gleam so!”

Tide - Cleanest clothes in town - 1952

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