48 retro wall clocks in traditional & modern designs from the 1950s, 1960s & 1970s

Vintage wall clocks in traditional and mod designs

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Take some time to take a look back at these retro wall clocks, shown here in both traditional & mod designs, to meet the needs of every type of vintage home decor style of the mid-20th century.

Gourmet G-E kitchen clock (1950)

This Christmas, treat your kitchen to a General Electric clock!

This is the Gourmet, the new, sensational G-E kitchen clock that has been voted by so many women as America’s finest kitchen clock!

The Gourmet is easy to read from any part of the room. The neatly designed numbers are raised and stand out clearly. So easy to clean, too. In red, green, yellow, and white. The Gourmet is an excellent gift idea for your kitchen or anyone else’s.

The Gourmet, like all other G-E Clocks, gives you these advantages: 1. No winding — runs electrically. 2. Quiet — no disturbing ticktock. 3. Dependable — long life. 4. Accurate — on time, all the time.

Vintage red GE kitchen clock from 1950

The G-E Clansman clock: What a bonnie kitchen clock for a wee $6.50! (1952)

The G-E Clansman is styled in red, blue, green, or yellow plaid! It gives you wonderful ideas for perking up your kitchen!

Give a new look to your kitchen with the G-E Clansman. Select it in red, green, blue, or yellow plaid to fit your color scheme. And what a practical kitchen clock! It has a shatterproof crystal with large, easy-to-read numerals: and hands, And so easy to keep clean! That’s because the crystal covers the whole face… just a swish of a damp rag and there it is.

Bonnie clansmen plaid kitchen clock from GE - 1952

General Electric-Telechron clocks (1956)

You can shop for everyone here on your Christmas list!

And you’ll make everyone on your list happy, because electric clocks are always welcome, always needed.

These new General Electric-Telechron clocks come in such variety there are models to please every taste, to brighten every room in the house. And, best of all, General Electric-Telechron clocks will go on saying “Merry Christmas” for you for years!

Vintage GE wall clocks from 1956 (2)

Vintage GE wall clocks from 1956 (1)

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Seth Thomas ‘Rivoli’ retro wall clocks (1957)

An exciting new “California Modern” wall clock to create a dramatic focal point in any interior setting. All-wood case has rich hand-rubbed ebony finish, sparkling brass trim. 2–3/4″ high, 20-3/8″ wide. Electric or 8-day keywound at $45.

Seth Thomas Rivoli wall clock (1957)

Cute home clocks (1961)
  • “Nocturne” Alarm Clock! Easy to read, Has a dial that lights up at night, an alarm that wakes in the morn. Rich, nutmeg-finished case in magnificent traditional styling. A perfect gift for man, woman, or child.
  • “Plain and Fancy” Kitchen Clock! Bold, modern design with a dial you can read from across the room! Comes in yellow, pink or turquoise case. Watch it add sparkle to any kitchen wall!
  • “Decorotte” Snooz-Alarm Clock! Dial lights up at night. Wakes you up, lets you snooze; for 10 minutes, wakes you again. Handy View Alarm Light tells you when alarm is set. Only 3 inches high.

Cute home clocks from 1961

Vintage square Westclox Variety wall clock (1962)

Vintage square Westclox Variety wall clock (1962)

Retro mod star time and modern time wall clocks (1963)


5 Dramatic Star Clock. 16 rays of faceted gold-color with contrasting black dial and raised gold-color markers. Plastic with polished brass hands. 35-inch diameter over-all. With Cordless Electric Movement – -with Pair of Sconces to Complement. Plastic with gold-color metal candle holders (candles not included). 19-inch diameter.

Halo-effect attained in solid walnut arcs . . accents the bright beauty of brass spokes and dial. Clock has black hands and numerals. 25-inch diameter over-all. 8-day, Front-wind Movement without sweep second hand.

Star-points of twinkling brass become the focal point in any room. Black metal and brass dial, hands; raised markers of polished brass. 32-in. diameter over-all. With Cordless Electric Movement.


Built-in . . your wall becomes the clock face. Electric movement recesses 2 inches into wall, wires can be concealed. Markers set in wall with prongs. Diam. adjusts 9 to 12 inches. Options: Brass-color metal, Chrome-color metal.

Raised Leaves of Brass contrast with colored metal background. Clock has a black-and-white metal dial; brass hands, center.

Danish-inspired design in walnut-colored WelWood (pressed wood) . Brushed metal dial, ring; black numerals, markers. 8-day, front-wind movement.

Horizontal Plaque Clock. Stylized raised leaves, cane-textured background. Syroco (pressed wood) in smart walnut-color. Off-white dial; black numerals, markers.

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Retro mod star time and modern time wall clocks (1963)

Westclox No-Cord Electrics (1964)

The decorator clock you can place anywhere! Runs up to a year on standard flashlight battery.

For any decor, for any room, there’s a stunning new Westclox No-Cord Electric — the clock every woman wants to have (or to give). These exquisite clocks ran up to a full year on a standard flashlight battery. (Place them anywhere — no outlets are needed.)

Exclusive transistorized movement and jeweled balance makes each Westclox No-Cord the most accurate battery clock ever. And the distinguished styling adds a touch of elegance to any home; makes fine gifts that will be cherished for years to come.

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Vintage Westclox electric clocks from 1964

Deck the walls with Westclox electronic clocks (1966)

New No-Cord Electronic Clocks are here, just in time for Christmas.

Delightfully original gifts — and the very latest thing in wall clocks. No cord. No outlet. No winding. They run up to a full year on just one flashlight battery. Mount flush to wall. Each is a decorator’s dream! All now on display in drug, department. hardware, jewelry and other fine stores.

1. Woodfair. Alternating plastic and walnut finish metal spokes. Attractive embossed gold color design. Raised brushed gold color dial.

2. Trenton. Unique double frame case in walnut texture finish. Matte in marbleized silver and gold color. Brushed brass dial.

3. Rampart. Early American design in colonial cherry finish. Full Roman numerals on brushed gold color dial.

4. Seville. Handsome, black satin finish spokes with interlacing filigree. Full Arabic numerals on brushed gold color dial.

5. Brentwood. Handsome walnut finish frame on brass grille insert. Full Roman numerals on brushed gold color dial.

No-Cord Electronic Clocks from 1966

6 sixties styles of Westclox No-Cords wall clocks (1968)

Nothing can brighten up that “problem” wall better than a No-Cord electronic wall clock from Westclox.

No plug or outlet needed — your Westclox No-cord runs on a long-lasting flashlight battery. Jeweled bearings and THE American-made movement insure high reliability and long life.

1. The “frills-and-folderol” clock. Vermillion. Lovely filigree design.

2. The “curlicue collar” clock. Normandy. Wrought iron scrollwork. 

3. The “thyme-keeper’s” clock. Pennsylvania Spice Chest. Holds four spice bottles. 

4. The “classy-glassy” clock. Westgate. Amber-colored bottle-glass effect.

5. The “diamond-in-the-rough” clock. Carvwood. Country English styling, hand-carved look.

6. The “caged-in-the-wood” clock. Woodview. Genuine walnut case. 

6 sixties styles of Westclox No-Cords wall clocks (1968)

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Put fashion on your kitchen wall… (1969)

… with General Electric clocks! Great to give or to get!

Hey Day — Trim modern styling with large dial for easy reading. Value priced! Comes in harvest yellow, white or avocado. 5-1/8- by 8-3/8-inches.

Berry Picker — Decorative replica of an Early American cranberry scoop. Antiqued woodtone finish, white dial with red sweep second hand. 10-1/8- by 7-1/4-inches.

Breadboard — Early American design with wheat pattern trim. Large easy-to-read dial, bold black numerals. Antiqued red or fruitwood color finish. 9-7/8- by 7-inches.

Village Tower — Authentic Early American Belfry Tower design. Ornate hands and distinctive Roman numerals. Gold-color dome, white base. 9-5/8- by 8-3/8-inches.

Dessert Time — Smart, contemporary design, styled like a gelatin mold. White dial, bold numerals, copper-color case. Attractive pin- strip center motif. Diameter is 8-7/8 inches.

General Electric vintage clocks from 1969

You can barely see the biggest improvement in electric clocks in 50 years. (1973)

Have you found it yet? It’s the cord.

That’s right. The electric cord.

At Westclox, we believe what you need is not only a better clock… but a better electric cord. With our new Low Current Walltone Clock you get both.

The Walltone is a revolutionary concept in electric timekeeping. It has a lot fewer moving parts than conventional electric clocks. Which means a lot fewer things go wrong.

And as a result of this “simplified” movement a lot less electricity is required; about 1/10th the power. And a lot less electric cord, too. About 1/16th the diameter.

With all these great advantages over conventional electric clocks, anyone who doesn’t buy this clock is cuckoo.

Retro electric wall clock from 1973

Vintage Bulova wall clocks (1976)

Fine furniture for your walls. That’s what Bulova Americana wall clocks are.

Because each one is crafted in fine woods, polished to show off the grain. So every Bulova Americana clock looks like an old family heirloom. 

And each one runs on a single flashlight battery. There are no cords. So you can place your Bulova wherever you think best.

More than any other piece of furniture, a clock has to be looked at. So it should be beautiful. At Bulova, we make sure it is.

Top row: Pioneer, Commodore, Ensign. Bottom row: Citation, Minuet, Chronicle

Vintage Bulova wall clocks (1976)

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