Cute baby nurseries from the fifties (1955-1957)

Biggest bargain in babyland (1955)

The Thayer “Mother Goose” crib is a wonderful new model, with exclusive Snap-Fast hardware. Mother can assemble it in minutes, with no tools! Double drop sides, moving on chrome-plated rods with bar toe treadle… In maple, wax or honey birch, or white, gray or frosted gray enamel.
LIFE Oct 10, 1955 nursery


Thayer days are here again (1955)

New custom-designed Thayer “pippin” crib, priced for a limited time only at $43.95.

For babies: Crib mobile, Fast-fold play pen, Walka-Bouncer, Baby Haven table, Chrome hi-chair, Travel-easy car bed, Jolly Jitney folding coach, Gate front folding stroller

LIFE Apr 29, 1957 nursery


A complete nursery by Thayer (1955)

LIFE Oct 8, 1956 nursery


A great spring value for baby… and you (1955)

A $10 saving on the beautiful new Thayer “Duckling” crib

LIFE Apr 9, 1956 nursery

Music! Comedy! The wonder of Edison's new phonograph player

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