Antique painting of a mother and baby (1916)
The old-fashioned benefits of breastfeeding

The old-fashioned benefits of breastfeeding are many, no matter what century you’re living in. Here’s a look back at some of what experts were saying about nursing babies back in the early 1900s.

How to decorate the baby's room (2)
How to decorate the baby’s room (1917)

To furnish the baby’s room in a charming way is not so much a question of money as of taste, and a very pretty room may be devised with the expenditure of only a few dollars.

Youngest automobile globe-trotter (1914)

Youngest automobile globe-trotter has traveled 1,000 miles a month 18-months’ old John Edmund Hammond cranking papa’s cycle-car Los Angeles, Cal, April 23 [1914] – “Howdy!”

Vintage baby gear from the 1940s

Tiny ride-on car Baby Patricia, in 1942, with a playpen/crib behind her. Sofa-slung vintage baby seat Stroller/ride-on toy for babies Here’s my mom with her