After vintage automatic coffeemakers like these were invented, mornings were never the same

Vintage automatic coffeemakers

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When small appliance manufacturers started making vintage automatic coffeemakers like this in the early ’70s, it suddenly made the early-morning question of “Who’s going to make the coffee?” a non-issue.

As one company put it, they took the popular but cumbersome drip method of coffee making and automated it. “You get modern convenience, yet drip coffee’s full flavor…”

The Norelco 10 vintage automatic coffeemaker (1973)

Norelco has a way to make your favorite coffee taste better.

It’s the Norelco 10 electric drip-filter way. We took the drip-filter method respected by coffee experts and made it quick and easy.

It gives you better coffee than any percolator, better coffee than you’ve ever had before. Never bitter. Just better.

Norelco coffee maker - The Norelco 10 (1973)

The great American coffee machine – West Bend (1973)

The new West Bend Quik-Drip does everything right.

For years, West Bend has been dedicated to fulfilling a great American dream: the perfect cup of coffee. We’ve done pretty well. In fact, our automatic percolators have made the West Bend name almost synonymous with good coffee making.

With our new Quik-Drip system we’ve entered a new dimension. We’ve taken the preferred, but cumbersome, “drip” method of coffee making and automated it. You get modern convenience, yet drip coffee’s full flavor and clarity.

West Bend vintage automatic coffeemakers - Quik-Drip (1973)

Sunbeam Coffeemaster coffee maker (1976)

The Sunbeam Coffeemaster is different. Because of its unique brewing system heats all the water to the correct temperature before brewing. And its stainless steel tank makes coffee pure and clean-tasting.

Sunbeam coffee maker -- coffeemaster (1976)

West Bend Quik-Drip (1976)

Pat Boone says: “With most automatic drip coffeemakers it’s no paper filter, no coffee. But not with this West Bend Quik-Drip. It’s got a permanent polyester filter. You can make great coffee with or without a paper filter. And that means you can save the cost of the filters. Up to $12 a year. Or more, if you make a lot of coffee! ”

Of course, the real proof is in the coffee. You can brew 2 to 10 cups of perfect-every-time coffee in less than a minute a cup. The covered carafe and keep-warm plate keep the coffee at a perfect serving temperature all day long.

“Like all the West Bend Quik-Drips, it’s one great coffee-maker. You even get your choice of colors. Choose harvest, white, or avocado.”

West Bend Quik-Drip vintage coffeemaker from 1976

Farberware Country Design coffeemaker (1977)

Get a warm feeling even before you drink the coffee.

Farberware thinks a coffeemaker should be a pleasure to look at as well as to use. So we created the new Farberware Country coffeemaker.

Its handsome cabinet blends beautifully with any surroundings. What’s more the Country coffeemaker works beautifully. It makes from 4 to 12 cups of perfect coffee at a time.

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Farberware coffee maker - Country design (1977)

Sunbeam coffeemaker, endorsed by Shirley Jones (1977)

“I found a quick hot drink maker that even brews real drip coffee!”

“If you’re on the go like I am, saving time is everything! Now I can serve up good, hot drinks for everyone — in a hurry. Thanks to the Hot Shot II Hot Beverage Maker from Sunbeam.” – Shirley Jones

Sunbeam coffee maker - Hot Shot II (1977)

America’s favorite brewery: Mr. Coffee (1979)

Mr. Coffee is the number one selling coffeemaker in America. And when a product sells the most, there must be good reasons why.

Coffee brewing experts agree. The worst thing you can do to brew coffee is use boiling water. Yet many coffeemakers still work like 1920 percolators by boiling the water at the bottom, forcing it up to the top, and then over the ground coffee.

How we solved the boiling water problem. Mr. Coffee has invented a way to way to instantly heat the water to within 5 degrees to 200 degrees F, the ideal brewing temperature. So there is no boiling to destroy the fine character of coffee.

Mr. Coffee coffee maker (1979)

General Electric Brew Starter coffeemaker (1979)

G.E. vintage automatic coffeemaker - Brew Starter (1982)

Norelco Dial-A-Brew II coffee maker (1980)

Once they’ve made Christmas morning special, they’ll be making breakfast (and lunch and dinner) a special occasion every day.

These three appliances combine the latest in features, design and Norelco quality. For gifts that are as practical as they are beautiful.

Norelco coffee maker - Dial-A-Brew II (1980)

Melitta shares come secrets for good living. (1980)

The secret to delicious coffee is Melitta cone-shaped filter top and pure filter paper, specially designed to concentrate grounds better than any leading coffeemaker, so you get great-tasting coffee every time.

Melitta vintage automatic coffeemakers - Deluxe 132 (1980)

Melitta Ten Cup vintage automatic coffeemaker (1981)

Don’t let our quiet good looks deceive you. Inside this Melitta Automatic, your coffee grounds are getting a real workout.

Notice Melitta’s unique cone-shaped filter. This concentrates the grounds to put them right where the action is… directly under the flow of water. So every single ground gets fully saturated. (Other coffeemakers use basket-shaped filters that can leave dry spots.)

And the water turbulence turns the grounds over and over to release full coffee flavor. So if you’re in the market for a new automatic, remember Melitta, a great looking coffeemaker that makes great-tasting coffee.

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Melitta vintage automatic Ten Cup Coffeemaker (1981)

GE’s Brew Starter coffee maker (1982)

Go ahead… sleep. The General Electric’s Brew Starter’s making your coffee.

Brew Starter’s the only coffeemaker that turns itself on and starts to brew automatically. So you wake up to delicious, fresh-brewed coffee.

Here’s how it works. Before going to sleep, just put coffee and water in your Brew Starter. Then set the timer and flick the automatic switch…

Brew Starter does the rest! Brew Starter from General Electric. Now you don’t wait for the coffee — the coffee’s waiting for you.

G.E. coffee maker - Brew Starter (1979)

Krups Brewmaster vintage automatic coffeemaker (1985)

Let Krups make your next cup of coffee. Perfectly. Deep, dark and delicious.

Krups coffee maker - Brewmaster (1985)

Mr Coffee 15th anniversary automatic coffee maker (1985)

For years, Mr. Coffee has been America’s bestselling coffeemaker. It’s time you knew why.

We make sure every Mr. Coffee gives you a steaming hot, delicious, satisfying cup of coffee, time after time after time.

All of which explains why after more than 15 years, more people buy Mr. Coffee than the next two brands combined.

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Mr. Coffee coffee maker - 15th anniversary (1985)

Black and Decker’s line of old-school coffeemakers (1988)

Automatic shut-off coffeemakers. Because you have enough to think about in the morning.

Black & Decker coffeemakers not only brew great-tasting coffee, they’re designed to do much more.

For starters, they give you peace of mind because they shut themselves off automatically. So never again will you have to worry about leaving your coffeemaker on all day,

What’s more, the Spacemaker Drip Coffeemaker mounts under the cabinet to save precious counter space. Its automatic brew feature lets you awaken to a fresh pot of coffee. And keeps your coffee warm for two hours before shutting itself off.

The Cup-At-A-Time Drip Coffeemaker makes a full mug of fresh brewed coffee as convenient as instant, and shuts off instantly. Our Automatic Shut-Off Coffeemaker has an easy-to-use clock/timer. Just set it the night before, forget it, and wake up to great-tasting coffee.

So get the coffeemakers that think for themselves. And have one less thing to think about in the morning.

Black and Decker coffee maker - Spacemaker and more (1988)

Black and Decker’s Cup-at-a-time (1989)

Think back for a moment to the gifts you got last Christmas. If nothing comes to mind, that’s probably because they didn’t have lasting value. The cologne was gone by spring. The fuzzy sweater never did get worn. And you didn’t need the 4-pound fruitcake in the first place.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could still be enjoying your presents today? Well, this Christmas, why not give unto others the kinds of presents you would have appreciated yourself. Presents that keep the spirit of the holiday alive throughout the year.

Lots of people love just one good cup of coffee. But they have to either brew a full pot or be satisfied with instant.

That’s why they’ll love to get the Cup-at-a-Time drip Coffeemaker. It makes one delicious cup of fresh brewed coffee as quick and conveniently as it is instant. It even shuts off when the coffee is done.

Black and Decker coffee maker - Cup-at-a-time (1989)

’80s retro Braun Aromaster coffee maker (1989)

In life, certain people start out with an advantage. You don’t need an inheritance. All you need is the Braun Aromaster to make a perfect cup of coffee every morning.

Only when the water is heated to the optimal brewing temperature does it start to filter. And it does so at precisely the right speed. Our cone-shaped filter means all the coffee grounds get thoroughly saturated.

And our automatic cup-stop lets you grab a cup with no drips. For those who prefer their beans freshly-ground, Braun has also designed a grinder.

So no matter how the rest of your day goes, with Braun, you can always be sure how it starts out. Perfectly.

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Braun coffee maker (1989)

Black and Decker’s Spacemaker Plus small appliances (1990)

The kitchen of tomorrow available today.

The Spacemaker Plus line of products raises your standards of performance in the kitchen. It puts contemporary appliances within easy reach while keeping your countertop clutter-free.

Spacemaker Plus products mount under your cabinet with a sleek design that enhances the look of your kitchen.

Black & Decker’s state-of the-art technology gives you a host of advanced features such as the Thermal Carafe Drip Coffeemakers: unique brew-through system so you can have piping-hot, fresh-tasting coffee for hours.

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Black and Decker coffee maker - The Spacemaker Plus line (1990)

Black and Decker’s Thermal Carafe (1991)

The Thermal Carafe coffeemaker has an insulated carafe that keeps coffee hot and fresh for hours — which gives you plenty of time to enjoy your company, as well as your coffee.

Black and Decker coffee maker - Thermal Carafe (1991)

Braun’s FlavorSelect coffeemaker (1996)

Ordinary tap water may be fine for bathing and brushing your teeth. But this is your coffee were talking about.

Your coffee isn’t just coffee. It’s 98% water. Which means if your tap water has impurities in it, even the finest coffee beans aren’t going to taste their best.

Fortunately, there’s the new FlavorSelect coffeemaker with a replaceable water filter inside, designed for Braun by the water experts at PUR. It reduces chlorine and calcium, which can spoil your coffee’s flavor.

And with the FlavorSelect, you can adjust your coffee’s taste from mild to robust. So each cup is custom-brewed. Kind of makes you glad we’re as obsessed with coffee as you are.

Braun coffee maker - FlavorSelect (1996)

Krups’ Espresso Novo 3000 ProCreama (1996)

Make perfect espresso, cappuccino and latte… just like a “pro.”

Krups coffee maker - Espresso Novo 3000 ProCreama (1996)

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Mr Coffee Elite Plus coffee maker (1998)

Now when you stumble out of bed with a million things to do, at least the coffee’s ready.

Mr. Coffee’ Elite Plus coffeemaker starts brewing whenever you say. You decide the night before. push a few buttons and go to bed. You’ll wake up to a fresh, hot pot of steaming salvation. Now that’s what we call a real eye-opener.

Mr Coffee Elite coffee maker (1998)

Mr Coffee coffee maker (1999)

Mr Coffee coffee maker (1999)

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  1. It seemed like automatic coffee makers came out of nowhere in the late 1970s — suddenly, every kitchen had one, and for good reason. To appreciate automatic coffee makers, you have to have experienced old-fashioned percolators. They took forever to brew a pot, were murder to clean, and didn’t make very good coffee. Plus, the glass stovetop ones were delicate, with a glass tube in the middle that broke constantly. For the cost of a few of those tubes, you could buy a basic automatic coffee maker; even in the early days, they weren’t terribly expensive.

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