Remember these old Shake and Bake seasoned coating mixes that shook up our dinner options

Vintage Shake and Bake - Shake n Bake seasoned coating mixes

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In these days of microwaves, Instant Pots, convection ovens and air fryers, a convenient alternative to frying chicken may not seem all that revolutionary. But back in the mid-1960s, the newly-invented marvel of Shake ‘n Bake coating mixes was kind of a big deal… or at least it was marketed that way!

While it was advertised as an alternative to Southern fried chicken, that was overstating it a bit as far as we remember. Come on — can anything really beat the crispy coating and juicy flavors of a deep-fried protein?!

Still, it is one hundred percent a lot easier to shake and bake than deal with the mess and clean-up hassle of deep fat frying — and on a busy weeknight, that must have seemed as reasonable of a trade-off to both busy housewives as well as the increasing number of women entering the workforce. – BB

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When they debuted the Shake and Bake concept (1965)

New Shake ‘n Bake makes crispy golden chicken without frying!

Complete! Coating mix and a shaker bag! You get lightly seasoned coating mix and a handy shaker bag. Pour the mix into the bag —  there’s enough for 2-1/2 pounds of chicken.

Just add chicken! Moisten each piece of chicken with water or milk, then drop it into the shaker bag. It is large enough to hold two or three pieces of chicken at a time.

Shake… and bake! Each piece of chicken is evenly covered with coating mix … turns crispy golden right in your oven. No messy frying, no hot fat! Clean up? Throw the bag away.

Perfect chicken with real country flavor! Crisp golden chicken, lightly seasoned with herbs and spices, with all the delicious juices sealed in. For perfect chicken, try new Shake ‘n Bake!

There’s a Shake ‘n Bake for Fish, too…no frying, no fishy smell!

Vintage ad for new Shake'n Bake seasoned coating mix (1965)

Shake’n Bake for chicken – Vintage box packaging (1969)

Shake'n Bake for chicken - Vintage box packaging (1969)

Shake’n Bake Oven Mates (1969)

Shake'n Bake Oven Mates (1969)

Shake’n Bake for fish – Vintage box packaging (1969)

Shake'n Bake for fish - Vintage box packaging (1969)

Vintage Shake’n Bake for chicken (1977)

See how Shake ‘n Bake keeps chicken more moist and tender.

Fried chicken can be dry. Baked chicken can be dry. But chicken made with Shake ‘n Bake coating mix comes out more moist and tender — because the crispy coating seals in the juices.

With Shake ‘n Bake coating mix, you get crispy chicken at its tender best.

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Vintage Shake'n Bake for chicken (1977)

Shake ‘n Bake for crispy cold chicken (1979)

“Has Shake ‘n Bake got news for you! The secret of crispy cold chicken.” – Pete the Butcher

To help keep your chicken crisp when cold, here’s all you have to do.

Crush 1 cup cornflakes in shaker bag. Add 1 envelope Shake ‘n Bake Coating Mix. Shake.

Prepare chicken according to package directions but use a slightly beaten egg instead of water or milk and shake chicken one piece at a time.

Remove chicken from pan after baking and cool 1 hour. Cover loosely with paper towel and chill.

Shake'n Bake for crispy cold chicken (1979)

Vintage 80s Shake’N Bake chicken coating mix

You get Shake ‘n Bake seasoned coating mix and a shaker bag. Choose from three flavors for chicken: Original, with a hint of hickory smoke. Mild, for natural chicken flavor. Italian, with herbs and Parmesan cheese.

Vintage 80s Shake'N Bake chicken coating mix

Pizza Chicken with barbeque Shake’n Bake (1981)

Mamma mia, Shake ‘n Bake! Fabulous chicken with the fun taste of pizza. Lots of bubbly cheese and tomatoey sauce.

Pizza Chicken with barbeque Shake'n Bake (1981)

Shake ‘n Bake with gravy (1981)

Shake'n Bake with gravy (1981)

Brady Bunch star Ann B Davis in a TV commercial for Shake’n Bake with gravy (1981)

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YouTube video

New Shake’n Bake for chicken (1984)

We made it crispier. We made it more delicious. You’re going to make it a lot! Flavors: Barbecue, Chicken, Italian herb

New Shake'n Bake for chicken (1984)

Shake ‘n Bake for pork chops (1990)

Shake N Bake for pork chops (1990)

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Shake ‘n Bake TV commercial with young Taylor Momsen (1997)

Actress/singer Taylor Momsen is seen here when she was 3 or 4 years old.

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  1. My mother loved Shake ‘n Bake because it allowed you to have “fried” chicken without the frying mess. Even so, preparing Shake ‘n Bake chicken could be tricky, as you had to make sure the coating covered the chicken evenly. It seemed that Shake ‘n Bake went out of vogue in the ’80s as it wasn’t compatible with microwaving, as I recall.

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