Remember playing with vintage whistling, circling train top toys?

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Vintage train top toys - Spinning

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These retro spinning top toys were super-popular with kids in the sixties! Each one had a clear plastic dome with a little train inside.

How did these vintage top toys work? You could push down the handle on the top, forcing the corkscrew or drill-like metal through the center of the toy (as shown in the second photo), winding it up so it could spin.

As it spun, the toy train inside went around the track, and the top made a whistling sound.

Circling train top: The vintage spinning toy (1968)

The first new top in 40 years — amazing

Colorful miniature 4-car train mysteriously whistles as it circles inside, while the outside dome stands perfectly still.

About 11″  high and 9″ in diameter, it keeps the kids and you, too, completely fascinated on each “trip” for hours! A new joy, this one. Each $3.98; 2 for S5.98. Money back guarantee. Madison House, Miami, Florida.

Circling train top - Vintage toy from 1968

Mail order option: “Send COD. I enclose $1 goodwill deposit and will pay postman plus all postal charges.”

Playing with a vintage train top spinning toy

Circling train top toy with little girl - Vintage photo

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