Aunt Jemima ‘order-up’ pancakes (1962)

Hooray! It’s Aunt Jemima Day

“I want blueberries!”

“Bacon for me.”

“May I have banana slices?”

Now everybody can have his own favorite!

Aunt Jemima 'order-up' pancakes

Just shake up a batch of Aunt Jemima batter and pour. While the first side is cooking, sprinkle on blueberries, crumbled cooked bacon or maybe chopped pecans. Raisins or chocolate chips, too. Or… place slices of franks or bananas on griddle and pour batter over them; bake to a golden brown on each side.

Good fun, and the best eating ever — Aunt Jemima “Order-up” Pancakes. Try ’em today!

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