Remember these vintage Hallmark notecards & stationery sets from the ’60s & ’70s?

Vintage Hallmark notecards and stationery sets - 60s 70s

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With their bright colors and bold patterns, these vintage Hallmark notecards & stationery sets will remind you of a time when friendly messages to friends were sent by snail mail, not email.

Vintage Hallmark magenta/raspberry pen and paper set (1968)

The paper is raspberry. The pen is raspberry. It writes magenta.

Bright new way to color your thoughts! Each box compatible with a fiber-tipped pen that writes in a color to accent each bold new paper — be it Raspberry Ice, Malibu Blue, Persimmon, Aleutian Green or Lemon Yellow.

Makes a smashing gift, too. Comes smartly gift-boxed. Write-Bright Stationery from Hallmark.

Vintage Hallmark magentaraspberry pen and paper set (1968)

Retro Hallmark yellow and orange ’60s stationery set

Says so much about you before you write a word. Hot new color happening! Colorburst by name. Blazing bright shades and explosive new designs spark the radiant look in the new Hallmark stationery collection.

The gayest way to give letters more flair — already smartly gift-boxed for gifts to go. Every box fastened with a ribbon and sealed with the Hallmark crown.

Retro Hallmark yellow and orange '60s stationery set

Vintage paper and envelope set from Hallmark (1960s)

Lavender-Blue… splashed on rich, creamy white paper. To compliment your thoughts. To serve as thoughtful gifts. 

When you care enough, send the very best.

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Vintage paper and envelope set from Hallmark 1960s

Vintage 1960s Hallmark – Notecards and envelopes (1967)

The freshest way to send a letter to your love (or Aunt Nellie, for any matter). 

Vintage 1960s Hallmark - Notecards and envelopes (1967)

Vintage sixties Hallmark stationery cards and more

How to wrap up your problems!

A burst of design, a splash of color — and Hallmark turns a small gift into something special! Do your gift gathering where the excitement is — at a fine store that sells Hallmark cards. Colorful gift wraps, too.

Vintage 1966 Hallmark stationery cards and more

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Retro Hallmark stationery & notecards from the 1970s

‘Somethin’ else’ writing papers: Happening in over a dozen supercharged designs. Get it wherever Hallmark is featured.

Retro Hallmark stationery and notecards from the 1970s

Hippie-style vintage Hallmark note cards (1970)

Write on! ‘Somethin’ Else’ — the great new writing paper that’s half the message. A really cool medium to communicate major truths, beautiful thoughts and the stuff of dreams.

Vintage hallmark note cards - Old hippie 1970

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  1. I always loved visiting the Hallmark store and would buy note cards, greeting cards and gifts there. Does anyone remember those small datebooks they would give out each year? I loved those.

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