1847 Rogers Bros: Silver plate cutlery (1903-1906)

“Silver plate that wears.” (1905)

Beauty and durability in spoons, forks, knives, etc. are assured if you purchase those bearing this trademark: “1847 Rogers Bros.”

Remember “1847 Rogers Bros” — take no substitute. There are “Rogers” and others claimed to be “just as good,” but like all imitations, they lack the merit and value identified with the original and genuine.

Meriden Britannia Co (International Silver Co successor), Meriden, Connecticut.

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Silver of high degree (1906)

Vintage – Vesta – Berkshire – Avon

1906 1847 Rogers Bros


Through three wars (1903)

All these years, Rogers Bros spoons and forks have been famous.

1903 Ad 1847 Rogers Bros

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