Easy meals: Make 12 different dinner menus with just 4 types of food, the way they did 100 years ago

Easy dinners from 1918 (2)

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Easy meals: How 12 menus may be made with 4 articles of food (1917)

Monotony is the bane of many tables. This is an unnecessary evil. As an example of what may be done in the way of planning meals using only four ordinary articles of diet, the following 12 menus were worked out by Isabel Bevier, Ph M (Department of Household Science, University of Illinois), and is given here as another lesson in The Day Book college course in home economics.

Easy dinners from 1918 (1)

The following menus show the use of four common foods — beef, cabbage, apples and potatoes — for 12 meals, differently prepared each time. This is a satisfactory and feasible way of obtaining a pleasant variety.

Number 1. Porterhouse steak, mashed potato, cabbage salad with nuts, baking powder biscuits, apple pie, coffee.

Number 2. Tongue, cabbage and potato salad, popovers, apple turnovers with cream, tea.

Number 3. Roast ribs of beef, baked potatoes, cabbage salad (sour cream dressing), plain bread, baked apples with cream, coffee.

Number 4. Creamed dried beef, stuffed potatoes, creamed cabbage with peppers, graham muffins, brown betty with cream, coffee.

Number 5. Shepherd’s pie, white muffins, creamed cabbage, apple souffle with whipped cream, cocoa.

Number 6. Corned beef, boiled potatoes, boiled cabbage, butter rolls, apple pudding, coffee.

Easy dinners from 1918 (3)

Number 7. Short ribs, French fried potatoes, steamed cabbage, apple dumplings and cream, graham gems, coffee.

Number 8. Rolled stuffed steak, browned potatoes, hot slaw, baked apples, cream, jelly, nuts, coffee.

Number 9. Hamburg steak, riced potatoes, escalloped cabbage, graham bread, apple tapioca, coffee.

Number 10. Corned beef hash, potatoes with butter and parsley, cabbage au gratin, entire wheat muffins, Dutch apple cake, lemon sauce, tea.

Number 11. Pan-broiled flank steak, escalloped potatoes, fried cabbage, French rolls, apple shortcake and cream, cocoa.

Number 12. Beef loaf, creamed potatoes, cold slaw, nut bread, Dutch apple cake with cream, coffee.

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