Orange tapioca

Wash and soak one-fourth cup of pearl tapioca in slightly salted water an hour. Cook until transparent in the juice of one orange to which one cup water is added. Also add three tablespoons of sugar (or even less), and before taking up, add a very little of the grated orange peel. To vary, just before serving, combine lightly with small pieces of another orange, carefully freed from all of the white skin and pulped.

Tapioca cream recipe

Soak one-fourth of a cup of pearl tapioca in slightly salted water an hour. Drain and cook in a pint of top milk until clear. Add two tablespoons sugar, stirring frequently. Flavor with two or three drops of vanilla or any desired flavoring. Put in glasses, cool, and garnish with a thin slice of apple or other jelly. Vary this recipe deliciously by melting half a square of chocolate in the milk before adding the tapioca.

Apple tapioca recipe

Soak one-fourth cup of pearl tapioca in a pint of cold water, with a pinch of salt, for an hour or more. Put on to cook in the double boiler with two tablespoons of red jelly, half a pint of water, a tablespoon of sugar, and one apple cut in slices. Cook until tapioca is clear and apple tender. This is a pleasant variation of ordinary apple tapioca.

Tapioca snow

Soak one-fourth cup of pearl tapioca in slightly salted water an hour or two. Drain and cook in a cup of milk until clear and rather thick; if it seems too thick, add a little more milk. Add two tablespoons sugar and cook two or three minutes longer. Remove from stove, allow to cool, and just before serving add one-fourth of a cup of cream, whipped until very stiff. Combine lightly and pile in individual glasses.

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Source publication date: March 02, 1919

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