Creamed cabbage with cheese sauce

To make creamed cabbage with cheese sauce, boil a head of cabbage in two waters; drain, let it cool, and chop fine.

Cover the bottom of a baking dish with bread crumbs; scatter over these tiny bits of butter seasoned with pepper, salt and a few drops of onion juice. Spread with a layer an inch thick of the minced cabbage. Season this layer with salt, butter morsels and a sharp dash of lemon juice.

Repeat the crumbs, then a second stratum of cabbage, a cup of boiling milk, and cover all thickly with bread crumbs, well-seasoned. Sift grated cheese upon the top and bake, covered, until bubbling hot. Uncover and brown.

Weak stock may be used instead of milk If you have it. Boil a pinch of soda in the milk.

This is an excellent family dish.

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Source publication: Evening Public Ledger (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Source publication date: June 03, 1916

Filed under: 1910s, Side dish recipes

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