Squirt soda wasn’t ‘sweet like other soft drinks,’ plus five ’60s cocktail recipes

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Squirt soda A drink that wasn't 'sweet like other soft drinks' (1962)

When taste grows up… Squirt shows up

Squirt is for grownup tastes

When you give up lollipops for good, you’re ready for fine, dry Squirt.

Squirt’s not sweet like other soft drinks. In fact, it’s definitely dry. It starts with sun-ripened citrus fruit, the very costliest kind. Then it goes through an exclusive extraction process for a natural dryness, a quality dryness never before achieved in soft drinks.

Squirt’s a fine, dry cooler that fixes your thirst, with never an after-thirst. It’s a quality mixer that sparkles your drinks and never dulls drink flavors. That’s why more and more people with grownup tastes are switching from sweet drinks to Squirt.

Has your taste grown up to fine, dry Squirt? Take home a six-pack today, and find out.

Switch from sweet to Squirt.

Squirt soda wasn't 'sweet like other soft drinks,' plus five '60s cocktail recipes

Squirt soda: From the land where thirst comes tall

In the hot Southwest, thirst makes a healthy ache in your throat. To pleasure a thirst like this, we created Squirt. We press the flavor from plump, sun-ripened citrus. Then deep chill it our secret way to keep it fresh. That’s how come Squirt’s fresh dry taste. And never an after-thirst.

Splash some Squirt over ice. Wet your whistle. Now you know how they put out a fire in hot country. Now you know how to gentle whiskey, gin and vodka when you mix a tall one.

A fresh approach to refreshment

Vintage Squirt soft drink 1966

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5 Squirt cocktail recipes (1962)

Squiskey (pronounced Skwiss’key )

Here’s an All-American favorite… whiskey and Squirt. Serve it up with blend or straight, Squirt makes it great!

Recipe: Use a bar glass with two fingers of your favorite bourbon or rye whiskey. Fill with ice-cold, naturally dry Squirt. Stir once.

Squigin (pronounced Squi’gin).

London dry gin or your favorite American brand will make this British favorite. Serve to your own princess. Watch her sparkle!

Recipe: Splash a generous quantity of your favorite gin over ice. Slowly pour naturally dry Squirt into glass containing gin and ice.

SOUaDKa (pronounced Squad’kah)

All the Czars lacked to make this breathless adventure in good drinking was the Squirt… the fashionably dry mixer.

Recipe: Hold a glass contain- ing ice and an ounce or two of your favorite vodka under a pouring bottle of naturally dry Squirt for a second or two.

Squirtum (pronounced Squirt’rum)

Add the Jamaican touch to your holiday parties, to any good time, with your favorite rum and the fine dry taste of Squirt.

Recipe: Put three ice cubes in a tall glass, and add three fingers of rum. Fill with dry Squirt. Stir once lightly and garnish with a cherry.

Squnch Punch

Recipe: Pour four 16-ounce bottles of chilled cranberry juice over ice in a punchbowl. Add twelve 7-ounce bottles of fine dry Squirt (do not stir). 24 servings. For extra “punch” in your punch, add Sauterne, gin or vodka to taste.

5 Squirt cocktail recipes (1962)

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Squirt: The REAL thing for refreshment

New, improved deep chill process- Squirt cools your thirst with REAL refreshment of sun-ripened citrus. No artificial flavor or color. No excessive sweetness. Therefore, no after-thirst. And Squirt makes a marvelous mixer. No wonder.


Vintage Squirt soft drink - 1964

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Cowboys: Squirt is for grown-up tastes

Squirt soda wasn't 'sweet like other soft drinks,' plus five '60s cocktail recipes

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