1950s hairspray brands: See the most popular styling products they used back in the day

1950s hairspray brands the most popular products

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Back in the fifties, hairstyles took a lot of work just to be presentable. There were setting creams to make pin curls, tape and bobby pins for the curls, regular curlers, and more.

And to help all that hard work stick around, millions of women used these popular 1950s hairspray brands. Here’s a look back!

1950s hairspray brands for all the joys of naturally curly hair

Smart girls never go outdoors without Spray Net hair spray (1956)

Going places? Keep your hair in place the Spray Net way… it’s such a joy!

Smart girls never go outdoors without it … For Helene Curtis has found a way to put “holding quality” into a hair spray without making you hate the feel of your hair. It’s the wonderful, wonderful spray that leaves no stickiness whatsoever.

A pretty hairdo will always pick you out of the crowd. Smart girls never go outdoors without Helene Curtis Spray Net — it’s America’s favorite hair spray because it really is the best… in every way.

Smart girls never go outdoors without Spray Net hair spray - Vintage (1956)

1950s hairspray: Revlon Satin Set pin-curl spray set

Now… no more nightly pin-ups! In 5 extra seconds set pin-curls that last twice as long!

Just pin and spray for curls that stay! No dabbing, no spilly chemicals, no lacquer!

Who wants to pin up curls every night? Not you! But you do want soft, cared-for curls — all the time!

And now you can have them without nightly pin-ups, without fuss or muss . . . thanks to new Revlon ‘Satin-Set’! It takes just five extra seconds . . . gives you soft, shining pin-curls that last for days!

New ‘Satin-Set’ keeps hair in place, too, without lacquer. Lets you renew waves with a damp comb! It’s good to hair (even little girls’ curls) because it contains Lano-lite! Do buy ‘Satin-Set’ today!

Vintage 1950s hairspray brands - Revlon Satin Set pin-curl spray set

Vintage Max Factor Curl Control hairspray (1957)

New MAX FACTOR CURL CONTROL makes straight hair stay curly… without permanents… without sticky sprays

Now we announce a whole new idea in making the curls you love. An idea that makes every hair spray you’ve ever seen just plain old-fashioned.

Spray it on …Comb it through …Set your curls to stay! Only Max Factor Sof-Set Curl Control, with fabulous Protein Polymist, can be sprayed on first, to go deep down all through the hair, giving it new body, new flexibility, new natural wave tendencies you never knew you had!

And here’s a big plus—Protein Polymist not only holds beautiful curls …it also gives you lovelier, more lustrous hair.

Makes All Other Hair Sprays Old Fashioned! Now for the first time, each and every hair holds in place naturally where you want it — just like you’d been born with curls.

Change Your Hair To Suit Your Mood: CURL CONTROL makes most hair so easy to manage it can be combed into a new style as easily as you change your hat.

Curls Even Stubborn Hair: Even women who have extremely difficult hair now find that Sof-Set Curl Control lets them re-style their hair often … in new different ways … and they need pin-up far less often when they make Curl Control spray-first pin-ups.

Vintage Max Factor Curl Control hairspray - 1957 (1)

For extremely resistant hair, Curl Control creates pin-curls that last longer than ever before … hold even in damp or humid weather.

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That’s because Curl Control is sprayed on first! It gets all through the hair before setting and you get that exclusive deep down curls-from-within action that no old-fashioned hair spray could ever get.

Custom Formulated in Two Types —”Fine” or”Medium”: We all know that “fine” hair is much more difficult to control… but until spray-first Curl Control was created nothing could be done to help “fine” hair problems.

Now Max Factor creates Curl Control in two formulas … one for the special needs of hard-to-manage “fine” hair. It’s in the smart pink foil container marked “FINE.”

For all other types of hair, from medium to coarse, Max Factor makes Sof-Set Curl Control in the “MEDIUM” formula, in the plum-colored foil container. Obviously, different hair types need different formulas … the wrong spray can cause stiffness or stickiness or be too weak to control properly.

Get the Max Factor Curl Control made to suit YOUR own hair… at all cosmetic counters. Only $1.50 for the large six-ounce size …super economy size not,- only $1.89.

Vintage Max Factor Curl Control hairspray - 1957 (2)

Breck Hair Set Mist (1957)


Breck Hair Set Mist, a fragrant spray, is now available in an attractive new, slender container. This graceful new package is easy to use and economical to purchase.

Breck Hair Set Mist is gentle as nature’s mist, yet its delicate touch holds your hair softly in place for hours.

After combing, a few brief sprays keep the hair beautifully in place. When it’s time for freshening, a damp comb renews your waves without respraying.

Breck Hair Set Mist provides a quick and easy way to make lasting pin curls, too. Fragrant as a bouquet, Breck Hair Set Mist contains lanolin, which leaves the hair soft to the touch and brings out the natural lustre and beauty of your hair.

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1950s hairspray brands - Breck Hair Set Mist (1957)

Vintage 1950s Liquinet spray hair net

“Our stars choose Liquinet,” says famous Universal Studio stylist Joan St. Oegger, the invisible mist that keeps hair caressably soft, lustrous, manageable.

And you can easily keep your hair as perfect as the stars, with Liquinet. Just press… pouf … Liquinet spray captures the “just-combed” beauty of your hair .. . holds each curl and wave naturally in place for hours . . . even in wet, windy weather!

Set It — Liquinet It! When you roll up your pin curls, use Liquinet for longer-lasting curls… for a fast set. Dries almost instantly!

Comb out your curls … another quick Liquinet spray … and your hair becomes gloriously obedient, gleaming with sparkling highlights.

Pride In It! Day and night, ’round the clock, for breath-taking hair beauty, insist on the original and genuine spray hair net … Liquinet! At all leading drug and cosmetic counters.

Shown: Actress Lori Nelson, co-starred in “All I Desire,” a Universal-International Picture

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1950s hairspray brands - Liquinet spray hair net

Helene Curtis Go Gay hairspray from the ’50s

New Go Gay: The first holding hairspray with shine right in it!

Some products make your hair shine but don’t hold it in place — New GoGay gives your hair both shine and hold

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Helene Curtis Go Gay hairspray - 1950s beauty product

1950s hair care brands: Lustre Net Hair Spray

New Spray-Set by the makers of Lustre-Creme… SETS HAIR TO STAY THE SOFTEST WAY!

Loved by Hollywood Stars because it’s non-drying… contains no lacquer… mists hair with Lanolin!

Hollywood found it first… now it can be yours! There are 2 types of Lustre-Net. Super-soft for loose, casual hair-dos. Regular for hard-to-manage hair.

Shown: IDA LUPINO, lovely star of television program, “MR. ADAMS AND EVE.”

Vintage 1950s hairspray brands - Lustre Net Hair Spray

Rayette Aqua Net hair spray (1956)

RAYETTE AQUA NET HAIR SPRAY… favorite in our Beauty Studio! This professional hair finish now contains PVP, a new ingredient that holds your hair softly in place without gumminess or “build-up.”

Ideal Protection for coiffures during damp weather! Rayette Aqua Net in pressurized container, with spray nozzle $2.00.

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Rayette Aqua Net hair spray (1956)

Richard Hudnut Beauty Curl (1957)

Don’t burn the beauty out of your hair with drying alcohol sprays

New! The only splay- set with no alcohol — builds beauty as it curls

Such silky, soft curls! Never dry-looking. Such shiny, springy curls! Never stiff, sticky or flaky.

Real dream stuff. this fabulous new Beauty Curl. Sets beauty . . . holds beauty… builds beauty! And without a drop of drying. burning alcohol that can rob your hair of the natural oils that protect its precious lustre.

No sticky lacquer or gummy fixative, either. Yet you can use it to set and to hold! And every time you spray it on, you can see an added glow.

That’s because Beauty Curl builds beauty from within. No wonder your soft, shiny curls keep their joyous bounce even on the dampest day. Get new Beauty Curl today!

Retro 1950s hairspray brands - Richard Hudnut Beauty Curl

Helene Curtis Spray Net – vintage 50s hair spray (1957)

“love walks the pleasant mazes of her hair”

Your hair remembers its loveliest lines…when it’s trained with Helene Curtis Spray Net

If your hair inspires no poetry, is the fault perhaps your own? Are you using a mere pincurl spray? Or are you training your hair with Helene Curtis SPRAY NET and its exclusive “control” ingredient?

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Use SPRAY NET to set silky but long-lasting pincurls. Use it as always to hold your hair in place. Gradually, excitingly your curls get the habit of curling.

These lovely waves remember their place from shampoo to shampoo. Use SPRAY NET faithfully and soon your hair will be trained to softest perfection — poetic perfection!

BOTH FORMULAS NOW IN GLAMOROUS NEW GOLDEN CONTAINERS: SUPER SOFT trains most hair and hair styles beautifully. REGULAR for hair harder to manage.

Helene Curtis Spray Net vintage 50s hair spray (1957)

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