How long does it take to make jello? See a chart!

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Vintage jello desserts

How long does it take to make jello?

Chart: Chilling times for preparing Jell-O gelatin molds

Chilling times chart for preparing Jell-O molds

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How long does it take to make jello? Chilling times for Jell-O chart

SyrupyConsistency of thick syrup.1 hour3 minutesGlaze for sandwiches, pies, and such.
Slightly thickenedConsistency of unbeaten egg whites.1-1/4 hours5-6 minutesFor adding prepared Dream Whip Whipped Topping or whipped cream, or whipping gelatin with ice bath.
Very thickSpoon drawn through gelatin leaves a definite impression.1-1/2 hours5-6 minutesFor adding fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients, or for whipping gelatin without ice bath.
Set, but not firmGelatin sticks to finger when touched and mounds or moves to side when tilted.2 hours30 minutesFor adding layers of gelatin.
FirmGelatin does not mound or move when mold is tilted and does not stick to finger.3 hours for individual molds; 4 hours for 2-6 cups; or 5 hours for 2-3 quart or deep molds.1 hourFor unmolding and serving.
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Gelatin speed-set method (with ice)

Substitute ice for cold water in preparing gelatin — dissolve gelatin in boiling water as directed, then add tray of ice cubes for 3 oz. package or a full tray for 6 oz. package; stir about 3 minutes to melt ice; remove any unmelted ice and pour into molds. 1 tray = 12 to 20 cubes.

Jello treats and dessert recipes from 1974

Jello treats and dessert recipes from 1974 (1)

Jello treats and dessert recipes from 1974 (2)

Slanted jello in glasses recipe from 1956

Slanted jello in glasses recipe from 1956

1955 - The JellO goat

The 10 Jello flavors from 1965

Vintage Jello in glasses - 1956 Jello in glasses from 1956

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