Make a Teddy Bear cake (1961)

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I never saw what Teddy Bears were made of….

… until Baker’s Coconut and Baker’s Chocolate

It’s a cut-up cake! An incredible edible teddy bear made of the nicest things you could imagine. And you can make one easily.

First, bake an 8-inch round and a 9-inch square cake like these [shown below].

>> Some cakes to try: “Hand-me-down” chocolate cake recipe (1972) & Chocolate party cake (1982)

Cut the square cake as shown. Then put the pieces together on a tray.

Frost the rest of your teddy bear with the chocolate frosting. Then sprinkle white coconut on the white parts, and put the chocolate covered coconut on the rest. Use cookies for ears, candy to make a lovable little face, and other decorations.

Melt a bar of Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate; reserve 2 tbsp. Add 1-1/2 cans (2 cups) of Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut. Spread on a cookie sheet, separating with a fork. Refrigerate until set.

Now make 7-minute frosting. Frost the tummy, face and marshmallow paws; then add the 2 tablespoons of chocolate.

How to make this teddy bear cake design – diagram

Bear cake decoration diagrams

Bear cake decoration diagrams

How to make this teddy bear cake design

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