14-year-old Woo Woo Kid gets married (1944)

Here’s one of the original stories about the first teen marriage of Ellsworth (Sonny) Wisecarver — aka “The Woo Woo Kid” — who went on to inspire the 1987 movie In the Mood, starring a young Patrick Dempsey.

No draft worries for schoolboy hubby, says wife

At least Ellsworth (Sonny) Wisecarver, 14-year-old school boy husband of Elaine Wisecarver, 21, doesn’t have to “worry about the draft.” That was the opinion of the bride as they awaited the arrival today of Los Angeles police.

The couple, held in Denver county jail, were married in Yuma, Arizona, April 29 — a marriage that prompted the youth’s mother, Mrs Mildred Wisecarver, to file a complaint of child-stealing against the bride.

They were taken into custody in Denver Thursday and since have avowed their mutual affection, Elaine saying: “If they annul this marriage, we’ll wait ’till Sonny is of age and show them we still love each other.”

And Ellsworth, declaring: “I think Elaine’s the kind of wife I want, because she likes to have a good time without getting drunk — she’s the first girl I was ever in love with.”

Elaine, mother of two daughters, one two years old, and the other six months, was puzzled at the complaint filed by her husband’s mother, asking “How can they say that?” I wanted to wait four or five years, but Ellsworth said, ‘Why miss out on four years of our life?'”

Glenn Miller got the world 'In the Mood' - and then disappeared forever during WWII

In Los Angeles, Deputy District Attorney Roscoe Denny said whether they return Ellsworth to Los Angeles depends upon a conference with the boy’s mother.

It was in Compton, Calif. — a suburb of Los Angeles — that the romance began.

Custody of Ellsworth Wisecarver, child bridegroom who eloped with a mother of two, has been turned over to juvenile authorities, the United Press reported.

The 14-year-old boy’s mother relinquished her rights, saying she never had been able to manage him.

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