A dozen adorable vintage Father’s Day cards

Adorable vintage Father's Day cards

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Look back at these 12 cute vintage Father’s Day cards

While these cute and child-friendly vintage Father’s Day cards represent just a fraction of the millions sold over the years, they do a good job showing the kind of sweet sentiments that kids expressed for dad (and grandpa) in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.

Fun fact: Father’s Day only became official in 1972. Find out more about the history of Father’s Day at the end of the article!

To Daddy, from your little girl

Cute vintage Father's Day cards - Daddy from little girl

Vintage Father’s Day cards – From your son

Vintage Father's Day cards - From your son

For you, Dad, from the both of us – A first-class wish

Vintage Father's Day cards - For you Dad from the both of us

Grandpa, I love you

Vintage Father's Day cards - For Grampa

A Father’s Day wish — just for you, DAD

Vintage Father's Day cards - animals

Vintage card: A little bear fishing

Cute vintage Father's Day cards (7)

Fab Father's Day gifts from the forties

With love to Daddy on Father’s Day

Vintage Father's Day cards - With love to daddy

To my Daddy on Father’s Day

Vintage Father's Day cards - To my daddy

Rooster reading: For my Dad on Father’s Day

Vintage Father's Day cards - Rooster reading

Puppy mowing the lawn: To you on Father’s Day

Vintage Father's Day cards - Puppy mowing the lawn

For you, Dad, on Father’s Day

Sure hope your day rolls right along without a single care, and that the year ahead is filled…

Vintage Father's Day cards - Hope your day rolls right along

Vintage Father’s Day cards – From your little girl

Here’s a young daughter bringing dad his slippers and the newspaper

Vintage Father's Day cards - From your little girl

A brief history of Father’s Day (1975)

Mother having had her day, now it’s dad’s turn. Sunday, June 15 [1975] marks the 65th celebration of Father’s Day.

The occasion is likely to be a big one for retailers of gifts like ties, pipes, slippers and sporting goods. Post offices, too, will be busy.

George L. Parker of Hallmark, the world’s leading publisher of greeting cards, estimates that more than 66 million Father’s Day cards will go through the mail this year.

According to Parker, the earliest known forerunner of the Father’s Day card is a clay tablet written almost 4,000 years ago in Babylonia. It was chiseled by a certain Elmesu and petitioned the gods to grant his father good health and long life.

Observance of Father’s Day in America, says Hallmark’s Parker, was brought about by a woman. Mrs. Bruce Dodd of Spokane, Washington, was one of a family of six children whose mother died in 1898. Her father, William Jackson Smart, brought up his motherless offspring single-handedly.

To honor both her own father and fathers everywhere, Mrs. Dodd in 1910 arranged memorial church service on the third Sunday in June. Father’s Day has been celebrated annually on that day ever since.

It was only as recently as 1972, however, that Father’s Day became ‘official’ by presidential proclamation. The Mother’s Day proclamation, on the other hand, was signed by President Wilson back in 1914.

Just as men are different from women, says Parker, so are the cards sent to greet them. Greeting cards for fathers, unlike most of those sent to Mom on Mother’s Day, are often humorous.

Father’s Day shoppers this year will find more than just greetings at card shops and stores. In addition, many shops selling Hallmark products have such masculine gifts as wood-crafted pens and pencils, playing cards, gift books and a selection of jigsaw puzzles and adult games by Springbok, a Hallmark subsidiary.

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