Chevy vs Ford pickup trucks (1987)

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How they stand up to each other

Advanced new Chevy – Old new Ford


Advanced new Chevy – Old new Ford


Chevy beats Ford

In official tests by the United States Auto Club, Chevy beat Ford. Standard half-ton to standard half-ton, both with half-ton payloads, both with the best automatic transmissions* available, the full-size Chevy pickup beat Ford.

In 0 to 60 acceleration. In 40 to 55 MPH passing. In level and uphill trailer-towing acceleration. In wet-surface handling through a pylon course. The results are clear as black and white: In performance where you want it most, Chevy with Vortec V6 beats Ford. And USAC tests prove it.

Maybe it’s a Chevy you should be driving.

Best-backed Chevys ever. 6-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty protection and 6 years or 100,000 miles of body-rust-through protection. Solid proof of the quality built into every new full-size Chevy pickup.

* Tests conducted with Chevy C1500 equipped with standard engine and available 4-speed automatic, and Ford F-150 equipped with standard engine and available 3-speed automatic.

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