Dodge Rampage: Pickups that also haul people (1983)

Introduced in 1982, the Dodge Rampage (and its re-badged brother, the Plymouth Scamp) was a small, unibody pickup similar to the Subaru BRAT. Based on the Chrysler L-body platform, like the Omni and Charger, it was surprisingly capable as a hauler with a true “half ton” rating.

With its lightweight, peppy 2.2L four-cylinder engine and front-wheel-drive layout, the Rampage was as fun to drive as it was utilitarian. Unfortunately it never really achieved the popularity Chrysler hoped for, and the last one rolled off the line in 1984, having sold just over 37,000 of the vehicles. – AJW

Dodge Rampage

Rampage: We’re building our trucks like we never did before.

Only pickup with 5yr/50,000mi power train & rust protection.



Dodge’s payload philosophy: Pickups also haul people

We are Dodge. And we know how to make a truck comfortable.

At Dodge, there really is such a thing as seat-of-the-pants engineering.

Rampage. Everything a truck’s supposed to be, plus fun to drive.

Come test ride the only American-built front-wheel-drive pickup. Dodge Rampage. And its even more sporty number, the 2.2. With 1,075 lbs of payload. But in addition to hauling a proper load, this Rampage also flat out hauls. 0-50 in 6.39 seconds, unloaded. Excellent fuel economy. Fantastic acceleration and handling. And with dual bucket seats, a real pleasure to sit in.

Plus the truck industry’s only standard 5/50 protection plan. Five years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Covering engine, powertrain and outer body rust-through.

Make yourself some Cheeriodle pizza snack mix! (1980)


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