A pen you can erase? Yes: The Scripto Erasable Pen (1984)

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Scripto erasable pens
Erasable pens from Eraser Mate & Scripto

Indications are that 100 million erasable pens (82 percent of them disposables) were sold in 1982. That’s a pretty impressive share of the 1.4 billion stick (ballpoint) pen market last year.

Scripto, Inc.’s Doug Martin, a onetime executive of Gillette’s Paper Mate division, thinks the erasable-pen market could move up to 150 million units this year, depending on what Bic Pen does to promote its new line.

Martin points out that Scripto’s and Gillette’s erasable pens accounted for 26 percent of all stick-pen dollar sales during the back-to-school period last fall.

“With those numbers, there obviously is a good deal of enthusiasm about erasable pens,” Martin said during an interview Tuesday.

Martin claims that Scripto has 36 percent of unit volume, and 40 percent of dollar sales in the erasable-pen market. – Excerpted from an article in the Chicago Tribune (Illinois) – March 23, 1983

Win the battle against the blotches, smudgies and globbies

The Scripto Erasable Pen beats the blotchies, stops the smudgies, and grabs the globbies. Its smooth writing ink won’t skip or glob like other erasable pens. And it erases without smearing or smudging.

So get the pen with the Happy Thumb on the package and see why everyone’s turning thumbs up for Scripto.

Scripto erasable pens

A Scripto Erasable Pen in the package

Scripto Erasable Pen in package

Get the smooth Scripto erasable pen

Behind every happy thumb, there’s a Scripto

Scripto erasable ink pens 1984

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