The new jet-smooth luxury Chevrolets for 1964

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’64 Jet-smooth luxury Chevrolets

A car that’s never been so luxurious before!

More luxurious with that long, clean, new look. And much more luxurious inside. The new Impala Super Sport Series, for example, has a new kind of ultra-soft vinyl upholstery and door-to-door deep-twist carpeting that would cost you a small fortune to put in your home…

1964-chevrolet-cars-vintage-ad-nov-1963 (1)

New Chevelle! by Chevrolet

A kind of car you’ve never seen before! Not a new model or just a new name, but a completely different kind of car from Chevrolet for 1964.

The ’64 Chevy II by Chevrolet

New Chevy II V8! An optional at-extra-cost 195-hp V8, to be exact. Chevy II is not the only car made that gives you a choice of Four, Six or V8 power.

The ’64 Corvair and ’64 Corvette

New Corvair power. Nearly 19% more horsepower in the standard engine. A full 110 horsepower in the extra-cost engine. And 150 hp in the Monza Spyder. You’ll want to climb a hill just because it’s there.

New Corvette ride! Smoother and quieter than it’s ever been, but by no means any less of a sports car than it’s always been.

1964-chevrolet-cars-vintage-ad-nov-1963 (2)

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