The Hollywood Squares game show intro (1966)

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Take the world’s simplest game — tic-tac-toe — toss in nine celebrities, stir in some questions that let them show off a little humor and creativity, blend with two contestants, one host and of course, fabulous prizes. What do you get? Hollywood Squares, of course!

Ranked by TV Guide as the 7th greatest game show of all time in 2013, the original run of Hollywood Squares spanned fifteen years and over 3500 episodes from 1966 to 1981 on NBC, all hosted by Peter Marshall. The squares were often filled with a veritable who’s who of Hollywood, from Rich Little and Buddy Hackett to Vincent Price and Roddy McDowall. Celebs weren’t given questions ahead of time, however certain guests were often asked specific types of questions to allow them to riff, bluff and make jokes more effectively.

The show proved to be so popular, it would later be revived for 1986-1989, and again from 1998 through 2004. Below is the original introduction, as seen in the 1968 season. – AJW

Hollywood Squares intro video

Guests on this episode from 1968 included Don Adams, Raymond Burr, Rosemarie, Milton Berle and Buddy Hackett.

Hollywood Squares opening & game show

Guests on this show in 1975 included Michael Landon, Lynn Redgrave, John Davidson, Wink Martindale Charo & Paul Lynde.

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