Old-fashioned bake sale recipes

Old-fashioned bake sale

The fresh, new-fangled way

Every time you turn around you’re asked to bake something luscious – for the church fair, the fund-raising project, the PTA festival. You want your goodies to look and taste like the old-fashioned cakes, pies, and cookies you remember — yet you’ve hardly the time to fuss over them.

New on the supermarket shelves is instant-type flour — the all purpose flour that pours, mixes instantly, and needs no sifting. Like any ingredient, it serves many recipes but it will shine in certain ones more than in others. We present here an array of bake-sale favorites, each and every one developed in our Test Kitchens just for this new time-saving product — no other flour will fit the bill.

Starting at the top and going clockwise: Quilting Bee Fudge Cake, Apricot Velvet Pie, Spice Puffs (center), Pink Beauty Cake, Crispy Sugar Cookies, Orange Pecan Coffee Cake.

P.S. Don’t forget these for your own family too!

Quilting Bee Fudge Cake recipe

Quilting Bee Fudge Cake recipe

Pink Beauty cake recipe

Pink Beauty cake recipe


Spice puffs recipe card


Apricot velvet pie recipe


Banana cream pie recipe card


Orange-pecan coffee cake recipe

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